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Author Topic: English-Hazel, anyone seen her?  (Read 1568 times)

Hello all, first post :-)

Been checking out Aberdeen and English-Hazel seems to be my type, though a little on the expensive side. Anyone seen her? Worth the buck? Also, on her profile, she mentions she only does dinner dates. Is that then moving on to the hotel room, or is it left at that?




Rip off! Dinner dates my arse; she's just come up with a plan to waste hours of your time before giving you a quickie at an extortionate price.

Pity; she look just my type, but I'm not falling for that kinda crap.

OK, I'll take your advice and save my time and money :-)

I've punted with a few girls.

Heatherpleasure, extensively covered in here, so I am not writing anything other than that she is really really nice. I could totally fall for that chick :)

Amy, https://www.adultwork.com/ViewProfile.asp?UserID=1530082, top marks, amazing and completely natural body, plus awesome stamina (I run half-marathons and she had me out of breath!).

Plus a couple more chicks, in Aberdeen, whose profiles I can no longer find on AW.

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Offline scotontop

I'd been eyeing her up for a couple of weeks now as she was my type. But that BS on her profile was so off putting. Direct cam before a meet and meet for a drink etc wow

She is now saying no GFE only domination @ £210 an hour outcall.

Sounds like she hates fucking strange men yet loves to spend their money.

Offline ickydicky

She is now saying no GFE only domination @ £210 an hour outcall.

Sounds like she hates fucking strange men yet loves to spend their money.

that sums up most hoors
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She is defo my type, but at those prices nah, never bothered with her and never will.

We need to make a stand with rip off clowns like her.

Offline bluetable

She's a nice looking girl, but definitely overpriced, her profile doesn't show all she does really, used to be more in depth on her activities, she's a financial dom girl too, has her own website.
I can't find it now, but I saw it before, it sadly not in my computer history because I always use private browsing for this sort of things!! I'll try and shake it loose and let you all know about it, if its still there.

Offline Cd06

I've been keeping an eye on this profile for a couple of years now. Her prices are always on the ridiculous side but vary every so often. She also chops and changes between offering gfe or domme only. Complete waste of time imo and far too expensive

Offline ickydicky

Banning reason: Previously banned (stevieshake)

Yip, agree. Right now she is offering GFE, but overpriced. I think I'll leave it for someone else to do the first review on her, as I can get train tickets, a night in a hotel, a couple of hours with a nice lady in Embra, plus change for a few pints, for what this one wants for 2h :-)

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