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Author Topic: Rhydyfelin massage shut down  (Read 602 times)

Offline SirFrank

Love the story - men waltzing into their houses (when they left their doors open in the summer) looking for the poontang. Round ere it's so safe we leave the doors open.... Next thing some fucker strolls into my living room when I'm watching bake off and says where's the fucking pussy!
Never been there myself - was it massage with HE or a knocking shop?
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Offline aardvark

I saw an oriental girl in that area a couple of years ago - not sure whether it was Francis Street or Tudor Street - the article suggests that there may have been 'establishments' in both. I had full service. It didn't seem to be a parlour as such - more the girl working from the house. I only encountered the girl I actually saw - didn't see or hear anyone else. £80 for the hour I recall.

It varied on the girl.
Massage with HE or full service

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