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    Gilly best in the south !!  ADULTWORK  er actually not . she has been on my hit list for some time and after reading her reviews gave her a punt today. The directions and communication was a lot to be desired and at one point thought she had a few issues however carried on and turned up at the terraced address which from the outside should have had alarm bells ringing really !

    she let me in dressed in skanky skin tight dirty jeans and a top which showed her skeletal body . her face was pale almost white and from her appearance you can guess the rest ! how she got her feedback on AW astounds me. i turned and walked out much to her disgust and verbal abuse . on another note as i was parking up a couple of neighbours were out talking and looked across and smirked as if to say theres another one . my advice AVOID !!

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    Was on my reserve reserve hot list as she is quite local to me with reasonable AW feedback but is now firmly off it. Did try a couple of booking requests but she wasn't available or didn't respond so I definitely dodged a bullet there. Thank you sir.


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    Link - [[Link hidden, login to view]] or [[Link hidden, login to view]]

    I saw her about 3 years ago, she was one of my first punts after discovering AW. She was living in a flat at the time and she had me park in a certain parking space outside and confirm what car i was driving. At the time I didn't think anything of it due to inexperience. These days I'd be off like a shot! Not the prettiest girl and could do with a burger or 2 but she did give a pretty decent BJ

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    i wouldnt let her blow my exhaust pipe let alone my cock !!! :scare:

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    i wouldnt let her blow my exhaust pipe let alone my cock !!! :scare:

    I wouldn't now. Back then I was still under the impression that most WG's were a bit rough and ready

    I see she is offering a
    halloween special TRICK OR TREAT xxx

    It will be most definitely a TRICK and certainly not a TREAT if anyone is foolish enough to visit her!


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