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Author Topic: Julia Massage - Barons Court  (Read 1574 times)

2 review(s) for Julia Massage (0 positive, 1 neutral, 1 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

Offline dami3n

https://www.adultwork.com/3107164 or https://www.adultwork.com/Julia+Massage

few weeks ago actually, hadn't had a massage only punt in while and last one I had with Lola Bell though positive left me wanting more but this lass looked super cute, I was carrying a bit of jet lag so fancied some body2body loving, her profile offered cum as many times which seemed promising

5 minutes walk from barons court, girl as pictured, 5ft nothing, smoky ambery type eyes, dressed in tights and a top

offered a shower which I took, room had a bed, massage table and something like a single size airbed in the corner presumably for nuru, opted for b2b and asked her how many HJ she would give in the hour - 2, that would do

she went straight for the HJ to get that out the way, fully clothed and lacking technique, two hand wraparound, up and down, her eyes were focused only on the HJ it was rather disconcerting, so I ask her to take off her top and she says 'not yet' :unknown:, gave another minute and basically told her she was in for a long assed HJ if she didn't get her tits out ...reluctantly gets topless, perfect erect b cups :thumbsup: she was okay with touching her tits and ass ...things picked up but her technique was one speed so I took things personally and finished DIY and we moved to the b2b 'sensual massage' which largely consisted of her standing rooted to the side of the table and rubbing her oiled tits on my back from side to side, no swipes ...very light hand work

in a FS punt you might retake the initiative but you can't really do that with a massage so I recharged and called a stop to the massage and turned over for round 2 which was more of the same, asked her to lose the leggings which she did but said she always keeps her panties on, pert tight ass -  left her to the HJ and groped her ass - this improved my mojo slightly but once again she didn't have the technique to finish, she always seemed to be at the base of operations, tried to refocus her efforts at the fore front of the campaign but her commitment to the cause was weak so I took over and she drew closer and she stuck her tits in my face - bingo! I think this is where it just crept into neutral

took my time kissing those tits, maybe the best I've had, slowly finished myself off

looking back she's probably really new to this, carried a shy smile most of the sesh, wasn't being a cow about anything but just didn't seem to know much, maybe she'll improve if she sticks around

I'm calling it neutral ...just
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2 review(s) found for Julia Massage linked to in above post (0 positive, 1 neutral, 1 negative)

Offline G.Raff

Thanks for the review!  :thumbsup:

IIRC she used to be in Willesden about 4-5months ago offering 4 hands with another girl, so not so new to the business.

Offline riker

£80ph is expensive if she doesn't take her panties off.

Offline Jas.316

Against my better judgement I decided to try and arrange a meeting with Julia despite her zero feedback on AW.

Comms were good through the day, happily answering questions I had promptly.

Arrange a meeting for 6pm last Tuesday. An hour before I messaged her to say I may be 5-10 mins late and would this be a problem. She replied "8pm would be better". Not convinient for me so suggest we postpone until tomorrow.

On the Wednesday again good prompt replies and agreed a time of 6:30pm. She provided me with an address and postcode but no house number saying she will give this nearer to appointment time. Fair enough.  So this time I was 10-15 mins early I let her know that I could be there at 6:15 if she was free otherwise happy to wait until 6:30. Her reply to this was "7pm would be better"

Again advised it wasn't convenient as I had plans and received no reply. Try to call her 2-3 times whilst outside the station but she had switched off the phone. Hung about till 10 to 7, still couldn't get hold of her so decided to call it a day.

A complete time waster in my opinion.
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