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Author Topic: Anyone seen Thai Fairy?  (Read 826 times)

It is all in the title really  :D

Offline mart802

I was close other day.
works from a terrace house off eccy rd.
i dont know.... something made me think twice.
usually the instincts are correct..

Yea I know what you mean,

Which end of Eccy Rd is it?

Offline mart802

The town end.. left hand side if heading out of town.
sort of in between eccy road and sharrowvale road.

Cheers, just read your review of Mirror Talk.

Might be better going there I think, do you get to request the girls or is it a get who you are given job?

Offline mart802

I think you can specify.. but i just took my chances the other day.
to be fair the others that were there were decent looking too..

Offline BP96

Just phone them up and ask for a particular girl. Worked for me.

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