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Author Topic: Sexy oriental laya Wolves  (Read 1115 times)

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Finally decided to visit and toftt it was late Saturday night coms by text parked in pure gym car park which is  free and easy and walked across to flats .Door opened to a half decent flat , laya was a curvy lady not the best looking but well presented and clean done the wallet thing ,laya was straight away undressed massage was good but didnt last long as i was playing with her big tits and i had a great oily  tit wank .Laya is not the best looking and a bit on the curvy side and also a little hard to understand but made up for this with her attitude which i loved very welcoming and friendly and made sure i was more than happy . in all a decent cheap punt and i would definitely revisit

1 review(s) found for sexy oriental Reya linked to in above post (1 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

Are her tits real or enhanced Browning? It's rare to find an Oriental with such an impressive rack!

Online juicing30

Has anyone else been ? I am over that way next week

What other services  did she do and how much?

 She is as described above, not a looker, but very genuine. Would put her at 40 something, had kids married to an English guy.

 The happy ending started after about ten minutes,  :D she tried in vane, but has a gag reflex of a guy and couldnt get much in her mouth. Tried genuinely, no deep throat there.

 Had better, but very genuine, somewhere between FS and a massage shop HE.

 Didnt talk extra's I would expect her likes list in the cost. Cant remember what I paid, was early summer.

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