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Author Topic: British Pamela (touring Edinburgh)  (Read 1194 times)

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Offline sb-12

British Pamela : https://www.adultwork.com/1761901

Long time lurker, first time poster. I've been on a bit of a punting hiatus for a couple of years but used to be fairly frequent. I decided to jump back in last week when I saw this girl's profile as she has been one I've had my eye on before and thought I'd take my chance and ended up seeing her twice while she was here. I'll try to give an honest account of the sessions without being too fluffy!

Both meetings were arranged in the morning via text, all very easy and efficient. She was staying in a central hotel about five minutes from the station so easily accessible and there was no hassle from any staff. Possibly redundant information since she's now moved on but it was a pretty nice hotel so I doubt she's ever going to be staying in a dump.

So firstly, the pics on her profile are real. They are obviously Photoshopped and glammed up but it's the same girl and she is stunning. She's quite short and quite curvy but with no signs of fat, with a really nice round ass and a lovely big pair of enhanced tits. I love big tits myself and don't mind fake ones so was very happy to play with these! She's done up well from head to toe, hair done (now blonde), nice makeup, nails done, perfectly shaven pussy etc. She seemed very clean and fresh and facially she's a beautiful girl, lovely eyes.

The first meeting started with a massage that was relaxing but fairly tame and took up a little bit too much of the meeting for me. Nonetheless, it got me started so I turned over for some fantastic DFK and lots of fondling and grinding with her on top. Then she went down for some OWO, which was lovely, plenty of deep sucking but I would say if left to her own devices, she'd jut bob up and down for the whole time. She's receptive to suggestions and instructions though so I had her take it a bit slower and tease me some more. The sight of her gorgeous face between my legs, looking right up at me while she licked and wanked me has been getting me hard ever since!

On with the condom for some cowgirl which again is a stunning sight, watching her smooth curvy body bounce up and down. She's a fit girl and really went for it and showed no signs of slowing down, but I wanted to switch to doggy, where I held out as long as I could before pulling out and finishing on those big titties.

The second meeting was much of the same, though she seemed in more of a rush this time so there was no massage, dived right into DFK and loads of fondling then onto a blowjob which, now that I knew what to expect, was even better as I guided her to give me exactly what I was after. Then more riding, this time even harder and at one point she was on top, bouncing away while she sucked my finger - another sight that's hard to shake! We switched into doggy again and I was struggling to hold back so she finished me off over her tits again.

All in all, both meetings were fantastic for me, with the disclaimer that I tend to go more for looks than a particularly filthy service and some might find Pamela a little bit vanilla (though I didn't request anything particularly out there, so who knows). I noticed afterwards that her profile lists facials but when I asked at the meeting she said no as it would mess up her makeup - didn't bother me but might discourage others. At £100, she isn't cheap but if you're into glamour model types who will give a reliable service, I'd say she's well worth it.

Pros: Nice girl, looks fantastic, hot OWO and sex.
Cons: Massage was a bit tame, second meeting felt slightly rushed.

4 review(s) found for British Pamela  linked to in above post (3 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative)

Offline bensonhedges20

Does she look anything like her pics?

Seem photoshopped to the max

Banning reason: Troll

Offline Ali

It would be a cock softening experience seeing her in the flesh if she didn't measure up to the pics especially at £160. That's why I would rather go for a girl that looks good in a standard shot.

Offline sb-12

Her pics are definitely Photoshopped of course but she does look pretty much like that and like I say, she's stunning. Her skin is blemish free, nice eyes, makeup, hair, nails etc all done. She is pricey but looks wise is definitely worth it (in my opinion, these things are subjective of course!)

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