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Author Topic: Shakira Admiral Escorts Paddington  (Read 667 times)

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Online tigerfeet


Got to her flat which is about 5 mins walk from Paddington. It started off OK as she was friendly, smiley and has a very nice body with an passebly attractive face (the photoshop has made her face appeaer more elfin than her round face is in real life). Tits very small but arse is good and flat stomach. Met me in a dressing gown so not great presentation. She looks very oriental although she claims to be Italian but admitted to being half Romanian later on. Even her heavily accented English made her sound more Chinese than East European. So OW, sex in two positions for what I assumed to be round one. Wouldn't take a massage from me so she gave me one instead and it wasn't bad. Wouldn't really get near me after the massage which I found a bit odd. The reason why soon to become more apparent.
30 mins into the meeting I indicate i would like another round to be met with "one hour, one fuck". actually more like "waaan hower, waan farrk". WTF? apparently she'd seen six other clients that day and her pussy was sore. I said that's not my problem but she kept repeating the same phrase. So I said give me a blowjob. She said she didn't understand so I said "oral". Once again she (probably pretended) she didn't understand. I wasn't going to start pantomiming the act for her fucking benefit. She's a prostitute and has never heard the term blowjob - not sure how that is possible.
I said her service was shit. She says that this is normal - sex once and then talk. I told her that her English is fucking non existence and I came for sex not talk. Then I couldnt be bothered to continue arguing as she couldn't really understand a word (probalby a pretence) so I had a shower and left. Made sure to explain that some negative reviews would be appearing. Hopefully it will discourage others from visiting her.
First time any girl I've seen has pulled the one pop rule. Ever. Really, really should have seen Annalisa again despite the slightly underwhelming last experience. Did text the agency but waste of time obviously. I guess the warning signs were there on the other review.
Do not visit.
Also can be avoided at

Farrk thats bad!

Sorry to hear she fucked you around mate, noone deserves to be messed around like that. No doubt she was taking you for a ride with the lack of understanding shit she came out with. Rip off prices as well.

Thats my interest in her finished.

Offline Sunil_N

I went too see her as well , probably the first day she appeared on the site and found her to be very less attractive than pictures. I asked for confirmations of services , she didn't understand a word  came with mobile and asked me to type for translating to her language . I typed oral with out. she said extra . I said I am leaving and left , there were more than one girl in that flat and they were listening from near by rooms. I heard others talking to her to let me stay. But i wanted to leave and quickly left.
Banning reason: Undesirable

Online tigerfeet

Cheers for the replies. I see this useless slut is now "girl of the week" on the admiral site .. whatever the fuck that means. I suppose now I'll have to confirm number of pops up front for future meets with new girls which takes a bit of the shine of the experience for me
I can recommend Kalista who lives very close. Very pretty and with an outstanding body but can be reserved (although everything is avaliable). REally should ahve gone back to see her instead but as girls approach the year mark I often sense "burn out"

Offline jac0bin

I was very close to booking this girl thanks for the feedback she's off my radar for good now.

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