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Author Topic: VictoriaxXxsecrets anyone seen her?  (Read 347 times)

Offline twiglet


Seen 1 thread on here, West mids if I'm correct.

Anyone seen her in Derby?

Location? Etc?

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Offline _Bender_

Not seen her myself but I have made enquirers as she seems good VFM, tours and when in Derby works always from the same hotel just off the A52 close to the city centre.

Small Romanian girl, not facially unattractive but no means a looker. Has MASSIVE boobs and more of a belly than her pics suggest. Friendly personality and very good English. Works from hotel near cricket ground, but has smokers room so clothes so smell a bit by the time you leave. Easy to get in and out the place though.
Services all pretty good value and not rushed.

Offline twiglet

Thanks for that.

She's a bit bigger than I'd usually look for but thought it might be worth a try.

Smelling of smoke is not a good thing for me so will give it a miss. Not worth the risk.

Great info thank you.

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