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Author Topic: Brazillas  (Read 650 times)

Seem to be a fair few Brazilians at the moment.

I presume they are all out of the same shop.

Anybody visited?

I've only done one Brazilian a years or so back and was a bit underwhelmed.


Offline ShyWolf

I have had the same experience with a Brazilian in Cardiff.
It felt a bit like a Romanian service where she was not 100% into it. But did work to actually get me off.
Felt very bland.
But this is just a ramble about another WG and I am not aware of the  normal Brazilian service.

Offline SirFrank

I've never punted with a Brazilian but really fancied it a few years back. I was passing the 'health studio' in Briton Ferry (is that place still there?) so phoned ahead to see what was on the menu. They said they had a sultry Brazilian babe working (their words not mine) so I thought I fancy some of that. Parked up, walked in and was introduced to the girls. One bird looked like the old bird in something about Mary and the Brazilian looked like Ronaldo (not the Portuguese one. I might have consider her if that were the case, on accounts me being an inquisitive dirty fucker). Needless to say I gave the ugly sisters a wide berth and nobbed a pretty young thing from west Wales. It was all a bit mechanical though
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Offline Mil 34

I punted a Brazilian girl in reading last week, very good service and pretty girl. Leticia was her name. She's well reviewed on here so I haven't bothered doing a review. But if any of you are down that way she's worth a visit

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