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Author Topic: Partner in Crime Berlin  (Read 464 times)

Offline elihd

Hi punters am going to berlin at the end of october, travelling alone. This is the first time am visiting Berlin. I am a "shy" young "oriental" background punter looking and for a "buddy" as i dont have much experience in flat rate brothels and parties. Money is not an issue however i am sensible when it comes to it so no party in artemis spending over £1k a night if you know what i mean  :lol: If you are in the city and would like to help another punter out or even if you are in the same boat let me know and pm me. Thanks  :drinks:
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Offline oring123

Let us know how you get on as close to booking my self. From posts best nights wed to fri  with airport girls fri insomia thurs day ? Look forward to your report
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