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Author Topic: Admiral escorts  (Read 1240 times)

I came across their site the other day. I've never used them before but I am thinking about it. They've got a huge selection of birds on there, especially ones with massive tits! Read a few reviews which were mixed. Standard airbrushed photos on the site.

I will say one thing, I don't like how sites don't advertised all services the girls will do. Which this site doesn't advertise the services. 

What's the general consensus of this agency? Decent? Recommended?

Never used that agency but I know some of the girls.

Stacey is someone I have seen a handful of times, from other agencies and more. Looks better then the photos, and offers lots of services. Many more then mentioned, but then again I've seen her many times and for longer party bookings.

I haven't used them for a while but they were very good.
They don't state what they offer but you can reference Hot collection who have a lot of the same girls, they list services but as on AW you never really know until you get there!

The prices are inflated considering they don't even list services on offer.

And I hate PS images. Makes the whole thing more riskier than a girl on AW.

Offline PuntJunk

All the girls are ridiculously photoshopped, don't expect any of them to look like they do on the site.

I've seen a couple of girls there, one was a great experience but she was only in the UK a short time. The other was dire despite reading positive reviews about her on a site that will remain nameless and the admirals site itself.

If you want a guaranteed good punt from there I'm pretty sure you have to go with Lucia.

Offline agcnospam

It's a decent agency but why they don't list services is beyond me. It is a bit of a lottery but there are some gems who are only available through agencies - the aforementioned Lucia for one - who is probably the closest you can get to a guaranteed great punt in London (her attitude is just amazing - that is the thing that sets her apart from most others).

I check for services against Hot Collection, I also use and/or cross refer against Diva escorts as their information on availability is usually bang up to date.

There are some lovely girls on Admirals (mostly available on a few other sites as well) - Nicole (hottest tightest body ever, lovely girl), Jessica (also an indie aka Sexy Sandra - a goddess), Julia (lovely body, beautiful face, very very vanilla service), and Beatrice (big meaty puppies but a toned and firm stomach - love that combination).

The overuse of photoshop is a real pain - e.g. Nicole is much better looking than you would guess from the pics, and the downside is, for Jessica, she looks photoshopped to hell but she actually does look like that in reality - which is incredible - but true. I think the agencies would really benefit by putting up some selfies or more genuine pics, I for one would prefer that and I think they may be surprised at the reaction it got - but I guess, as most of the agencies seem to use the same photoshopped pics, that the formula must work - maybe it's more effective to attract pissed up guys who punt at the last minute?

Certainly agree with Lucia, I saw her when she just started about 3 years ago? Fucking fantastic!! Not surprised she's one of the London WG stars!
Julie, old name caprice is , in my opinion, the best looking girl out there, pictures are photo shopped though! No idea why.  I haven't seen her for nearly a year but can't imagine she's turned ugly! I'm about to embark on a agency quest, i used to only book agency girls, a bit more expensive than AW but booking is a lot simpler and once a time has been booked it's very rarely delayed. It does mean however that most of the girls are careful on the finish times.

I think their selection looks really good. Cheers for the heads up re: hot collection. Will have a look there.  And also have a look at Lucia as well!

Lucia is always booked up so book in advance

She looks the business. Definitely going to book her up.

Go to topsecret escorts.  Same girls and they will list services.

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