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Author Topic: Pissed up in a strip club  (Read 1779 times)

Offline cumtwice

No drugs - just 7 hours on the beer before going out...

No drugs - just 7 hours on the beer before going out...
Maybe you would have saved a fortune if you were ?

Offline comaminion

Strip clubs are pointless

500 notes could of got you a top end two hour duo
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Yes very true virtual and Com..

Offline Turtle1

Iv worked in the financial world and these things where very common during our Chistmas parties and other piss ups. I have heard of people getting their money back so don't lose hope just yet. There was a famous case where a guy was charged over £20,000 at a strip club when he was off his face, he took them to court and won, his lawyer argued the fact if a girl was drunk and you offered her sex and she accepts but she's that wasted she didn't realise what she agreed to then the guy will be done for rape. So how can you charge money to drunk mans credit card knowing he's too drunk to say no.

Firstly you'll need to know what you've spent the money on, secondly was it using a debit or credit card. Any witnesses? Did you buy the service or was it offered to you whilst you was in a drunk state, if you willingly purchased it, then just give up now.

Without a witness, transaction knowledge/proof, you'll struggle. If it's a debit, you're pretty much fucked and I'd not bother. You'll have to take them to court to try recover anything and that just won't end well.

If it's a credit card, you'll have a slight and I mean slight more chance of recovering the cash ( thought it's still a low chance ). You are insurred on your credit for certain things, if you've been ripped off, conned ect you can make a complaint.

Sorry to bore you but I thought I'd post everything I know that may help.

Offline cumtwice

Thanks for this. Appreciate the advice. It was credit card and it must of been a service offered as what the hell can u spend £500 in a strip club.
I know some places make u sign a disclaimer for larger transactions- which I've never seen done in this place when I was in here previously. Albeit, I've not been that drunk in there or spent over £60 previously.

However, I'm going to just leave it.

It looks like any dispute needs to be progressed with letters etc therefore increased chance I'd get caught by the wife.. Thanks again anyway!

Offline Ben4454

Mate I have been there 10 years ago. Me and a buddy spent £500 on working girls within 2 days. Seems all good in the moment when you;re drunk and looking for a shag but soon as the morning comes and you search your wallet and find nothing the regret seeps in!
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