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Author Topic: Busty_Natalia - Shoreditch  (Read 1499 times)

18 review(s) for HERMINA VIP 1 X (11 positive, 3 neutral, 4 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

https://www.adultwork.com/2907613 or https://www.adultwork.com/Busty%5FNatalia

Polish girl working from ground-floor flat walkable from Shoreditch High Street Overground station. Probably walkable from either of the Bethnal Green stations too. Felt perfectly safe during the day.


- Very amenable, happy to move into any position as requested.
- Good kisser, felt like being with a girlfriend.
- Nice curves which I enjoyed, some of you may think her fat though. I thought it was cute as I like most body types depending on my mood.
- Very friendly girl, sufficiently confident and I felt no discomfort or awkwardness.
- Took a facial as it should be. Got nice and low, didn't turn away and accepted it all. Will retain fondness for any girl who does this properly.
- Well-lit room and full-length mirror meant I felt like a porno champion when she was kneeling before me!


- Was a slight delay because the receptionist hadn't passed on my confirmation message. Be wary if you are on your lunch break or tight for time.
- Not stunningly beautiful or tight-bodied so don't go if your really fussy about those things. Personally I think the service makes it worthwhile.
- If she's 20 I'll eat my hat, and anyone else's. 28 is my guess.


I recommend. Not a stunner but cute enough in my opinion. Good service, amenability and not looking like she hates every second, is foremost for me.

When we were chatting after she actually mentioned this site and complaining that some customers post reviews. Seemed a bit odd as I don't think anyone's said anything bad on here and she's probably done quite well out of it, but there you go. If I heard her right I think it was because someone threatened to post a bad review.

Thought it was an interesting insight into how some of them think anyway. Maybe they'd just prefer if the punter's realm was merely Adultwork.

18 review(s) found for HERMINA VIP 1 X linked to in above post (11 positive, 3 neutral, 4 negative)

I think she looks hot, I don't mind a bit of puppy fat. I'm planning to see her next week, I want a girl who can take a facial and is willing to swallow my load  :thumbsup:

Offline tonysoprano

Girls who take a good facial are quite rare so she may be worth checking out just for that alone.
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