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Author Topic: Amy Foxy4U  (Read 724 times)

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https://www.adultwork.com/2928921 or https://www.adultwork.com/AMY+FOXY4U

Well this was only my second ever booking but at least now I have something to compare it to! Still new to this 'hobby' so bear with me and I will try and be as objective as possible. I had intended to book something a bit closer to home but couldn't see anyone who was available on the day that took my fancy so I widened the search area and spotted Amy who was touring in Milton Keynes and decided to give her a call.

Firstly I should say that coms with Amy were very good throughout. Her English is good and she has a very pleasant manner about her. We spoke 3 times (to make the booking, to confirm an hour before and on arrival) and each time she didn't answer but called me straight back. I asked if I could book for an hour which she agreed to and I asked if the rate was £100 as advertised. To my surprise she told me that she had an offer on and the rate was actually £80 for the hour which was an unexpected bonus! I had noticed that her profile listed 'being filmed' for an extra £20 (along as her face isn't shown) and I quite fancied that option so we agreed on £100 including filming/pictures

The location was a bit further than I would normally want to drive but I liked the sound of Amy and had the whole evening free so I thought 'why not'. When I arrived in the general area I had a good feeling because it was in a decent part of Milton Keynes in a busy restaurant/bar area so it felt pretty safe from the start. There was also plenty of parking for the restaurants (free after 6pm) and there were plenty of people coming and going so I didn't feel conspicuous. The actual apartment was on a well-lit little side street in a very modern apartment building which again gave me a good feeling. I gave Amy a quick call and she told me the apartment number and which floor it was on so I buzzed the secure entry system and she let me in.

Initial Meeting
I knocked on the apartment door and Amy opened it immediately and I was relieved to see straight away that she was most definitely the girl in the profile. She has a lovely smile and smokey eyes and on first impressions she certainly seemed to have the kind of body that had tempted me to book her in the first place. When I made the booking I asked if she could just wear normal clothes (girl next door kind of thing) and she said at the time that we could discuss that when I arrived and she would change into whatever I wanted. As it turned out she looked just how I had hoped anyway. She was wearing a top that showed just enough to make me want to see more and a pair of jeans that were so tight I'm amazed she could still breath! As I followed he to the bedroom I could see she has an amazing bum.

The Main Event
The room was absolutely immaculate with that 'new apartment' feel to it which was good. It was a very small room with not a lot of space between the bed and walls but I was only really expecting to be using the bed anyway so no problems there. There were no lights on in the room but there were white blinds that let plenty of light from the opposite building in so still perfectly fine and more than enough light to see all the action. We got the paperwork out of the way and Amy left me for a minute to get comfortable.

Now I will say that I had one slight reservation about this booking as Amy is listed as Romanian and I had read plenty of advice on here to tread carefully and avoid being ripped off but the fact that Amy actually told me about her 'special offer' when she could have just kept quiet and taken the extra £20 reassured me. She came back quickly and immediately gave me a big hug and I went to kiss her but she turned her face to kiss her on the cheek. I did ask for a GFE so was a little disappointed that DFK seemed to be off the menu but it's not a deal breaker for me. I always make sure my breath is minty fresh so that wasn't the issue so maybe she just doesn't do it as a rule. What more than made up for this was Amy's body - it really is exceptionally hot and even better than I had expected. The other thing I was vary of was time wasting tactics but I have to give credit here as there was no messing about. After the hug Amy immediately peeled off her top and gave her boobs a lovely squeeze and tease. She smiled when she saw my reaction because I was a bit gob-smacked - she has  lovely, lovely boobs, possibly the best I've seen in the flesh. Medium size but very pert with small, rock-hard nipples - just how I like them. She then started to wriggle out of her skin-tight jeans but I stopped her because I wanted to do that myself. She was happy to let me and lay back on the bed while I knelt in front of her and took great pleasure in peeling them off and seeing that pussy come into view. I couldn't resist pushing her legs apart and diving in for a bit of RO. She was very responsive to this and held my head there and pushed against me making some lovely little moaning noises. I should mention that I am always a little nervous about going down there for the first time with a girl as you never know what you will find but I'm glad to say that it was an absolute pleasure. Amy was immaculately clean and so smooth down there I could have spent the whole hour with my face between her thighs. It was great to see that she had obviously made an effort to prepare for the meeting. Also worth mentioning that Amy looks more tanned than in her pictures and everything about her body is firm and toned - no flab to be seen anywhere.

By now I had a raging hard-on so I had to tear myself away from her pussy and join her on the bed. She rolled over to make room for me and that is when I got the first proper look at her arse. Now, if you are an arse-man this is one that you really shouldn't miss. It is is pert and firm and very squeezable. I am normally more of a boobs man but for me Amy's bum is probably her best feature (which is not to say that her boobs aren't great too either). Amy was already grabbing my cock but I wanted to spend minute or two kissing and sucking her nipples , her nicely toned stomach and a bit more pussy-licking while she played with me. I didn't take long though until Amy was pushing me back onto the bed and she rubbered me up and started to go to work on me with her mouth.

Now, as I said earlier I had requested GFE but this was quickly turning into 'a hot young girl who is desperate to be fucked' experience. I am still a little shy and slow to ask for what I want and was probably also a bit shell-shocked at her smoking hot body so I think she decided to take matters into her own hands (literally). I would normally want to enjoy some oral and then move onto the fucking before cumming but Amy's technique was so good I realised I was probably going to end up letting her finish me off like that. Well, why not? It was so damn good and we had a whole hour with no 'cum limit'. I mentioned her lovely eyes before and she uses them to great effect with lots of eye contact during oral. I should also say that this was OW. I probably could have asked for OWO as it is on her profile but by this point I had decided to just go with the flow plus I knew it would make me last a bit longer too. What I got was a fantastic combination of hand and mouth with some added ball licking/sucking. Amy is very enthusiastic about everything she does and she tries lots of different things to see what gets the best response from you and then focuses on that. Some nice deep throating had me on the edge and when she could see I was close to cumming she alternated between fast hand action and deep throat until I came very hard. Wow! what a great start! She was giggling at the reaction she got from me as she could see she had hit the right spot (I almost got cramp in my leg from a really intense orgasm). I actually said 'OMG, my heart!' (it was beating so fast) and she was genuinely concerned that I was ok which was sweet.

I needed a bit of time to recover so we chatted for a while and she gently played with her pussy while I took a bit of time to have another go on those awesome boobs. When I felt ready for round two I suggested we 69 and Amy was more than happy to oblige. I can't get enough of that pussy and arse combination so lots of lovely fingering and clit teasing got her nice and wet while she gave me a slow blow job to coax the old chap back to life (God bless the creators of Viagra!). Once she could see I was ready again she climbed on top for a bit of reverse cowgirl which is always a favourite with me mainly for the fantastic view it gives. She had a great mix of rocking action and grinding and is very energetic. I had to ask for a change of position just to pace myself. Normal cowgirl followed so I could give more attention to her boobs and it allowed me to play with her clit too. She then told me she wanted me on top and told me to fuck her hard and I didn't need asking twice (I actually loved being told what to do like that  :D). We started with normal missionary (some kissing here would have been the icing on the cake) and then changed to me kneeling and really going for it. She responded well to this by lifting her bum and pushing hard against me with each thrust. If she wasn't getting really into it she certainly gave a damn convincing performance anyway! What I really enjoyed about the whole experience was that because I wasn't giving any instructions she really took charge and I loved that. The little things she kept trying were a bonus and this included some nice firm spanks that I wasn't expecting (but loved) and at one point she put her hand round my throat as I was really pummelling her. That is not really my thing but I am happy to try new things and when she saw that it wasn't really doing it for me she stopped and tried something else. I told her I wanted to finish with a spot of doggie and I did my best to last as long as possible but the site of that pert bum slapping against me and her  'fuck me' eyes looking back at me were too much. I would have loved to have cum on her bum but couldn't stop and ended up finishing off while fucking her from behind.

It was at this point, with about 10 minutes of the booking left, that I suddenly remembered that I had requested filming/pictures. I had got so into everything she was doing that I completely forgot! Unfortunately I was not going to be able to rise to the occasion again with 10 minutes left (I would have loved some footage of the doggie) but I asked if I could take a few pictures for my private collection. Amy was more than happy to oblige but reminded me of the 'no face' policy, no problem there, and I didn't even need to ask her to pose - she is a natural. She came up with some great ideas as well as being able to decipher my mumbled suggestions like 'erm, one from behind maybe?'. She checked the pics after and did politely ask me if I would delete a couple as her face was partly visible in one and her tattoo in another but I still came away with some awesome shots to 'enjoy later'. By now we had run well over the time but she never once mentioned this and it was me that said it was time for me to go. She was an animal in the sack but so charming afterwards and danced around =d the room and sang while I was getting dressed. She actually has a great voice and gave a great rendition of 'I Will Always Love You' I told her she should add a special to her profile '£50 for a suck and a song'

So all in all it was a 10 out 10 experience from me. I appreciate that I don't have much to compare it to so take this review as you find it but if all future punts are half as good as this I will be a happy man. It wasn't the girlfriend experience I was expecting but was actually far better than that. I am now really into the idea of girl taking control and 'fucking my brains out' rather than the other way round!! Would I go back for more? More definitely yes but not for GFE. I am already thinking about another booking and will certainly be asking Amy for more of the same. The only single negative was the lack of DFK but next time I will grow a pair and simply ask  :drinks:

Hope this review was of use and feel free to ask any questions. As I'm still a noob on here any comment about other stuff that I should mention in reviews will be welcomed.

Happy punting guys!

4 review(s) found for the service provider linked to in above post (3 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative)

Sounds great, glad you enjoyed and great review !

Hope the next one is as good and another Romanian for my quest !

Thanks Virtual. I have decided that I would like to try and tick off as many nationalities as possible so I'm kind of glad to get 'Romanian' out of the way without getting ripped off. I'll try not to write War and Peace next time too!  :lol:

Thanks Virtual. I have decided that I would like to try and tick off as many nationalities as possible so I'm kind of glad to get 'Romanian' out of the way without getting ripped off. I'll try not to write War and Peace next time too!  :lol:
If you find an Eskimo let me know, its one of my final quests, have been lucky with a few Romanians.

I have decided that I would like to try and tick off as many nationalities as possible

This is my bucket list so to speak. I've only managed to tick off 6 nationalities so far but I'm keen to increase that as much as I can.

Glad you had a good time and Amy looks great. Hot listed and see if she ends up my way soon.

If you find an Eskimo let me know, its one of my final quests, have been lucky with a few Romanians.

 :D Good luck with that one. If I do find one I'll let you know (but might have to have a go first)

This is my bucket list so to speak. I've only managed to tick off 6 nationalities so far but I'm keen to increase that as much as I can.

Glad you had a good time and Amy looks great. Hot listed and see if she ends up my way soon.

There is something that really appeals to me about working through the league of nations but I will just have to be careful not to risk a bad/disappointing punt just to tick the box. I am sure you wouldn't be disappointed with Amy's body - I just wish she kissed too  :kiss:

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