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Author Topic: parlour / stripclubs / brothel in reading area  (Read 1332 times)

Offline royal_male

         I have a friend visiting who would like to check out some local strip clubs/parlour/brothels near reading. ideally we want to be a strip club where you can take the girl to the room. i couldnt find any such thing here, does these exist? if so where are they??


No problems in Reading...

Checkout the picture, you'll find the red light district just to the right of frame - strip clubs with incall rooms available by the hour, lap-dancing, erotic massages, and brothels similar to the Reeperbahn. All this at a bargain bucket price, young sexy girls with total integrity.

Good luck and don't forget to post your experiences.

Offline Zowieberg

What Paul is saying is there is no such thing in Reading; indeed, I would be surprised to find this sort of establishment in the UK... but I could be wrong.

Offline royal_male

in the end. we went to the lodge in reading. payed 12 pounds for entry got 2 drinks. chatted with a lot of the girls but dint spend any money on them.

i cant beileve the number of blokes who spend good money on the girls there. There was this dude who spent 100 quid for 15 mins for a 'special dance', which was completely platonic.

Offline Steely Dan

In the UK, though prostitution is legal, and strip clubs are legal, strip clubs are not Brothels.  For this, head to, say, Berlin or Barcelona.  For a more local night out with dancers, I think you need to head out to Maidenhead (Honey Pot) or Slough (flags).  Then after, book an AW girl to come back to your hotel.

Offline acnelanka

Few years back, There was TheloungeReading.com, I had my best memories there with girl named Teena from Spain. It was GBP 70 for half an hour massage + sex. Also at town center, there was Sugar Lounge a strip club, they had an amazingly beautiful mixed raced girl. Only seen her once, didn't had time to proceed further. Both the establishments are no longer in operation.
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