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Author Topic: Nympho Blonde 24 London 'Tower Hill'  (Read 938 times)

5 review(s) for NYMPHO_BLONDE_24_ (2 positive, 2 neutral, 1 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

Offline Vip260

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Hi All

I've been a lurker on here for a while and seen a few girls so far.

Here is my first review so apologies if it's not up to scratch.

I've had Nympho_Blonde_24 (Camilla) on my hl for a while. I'd emailed her over the last few weeks when her profile said back next week asking her when that meant. I never received any replies.

However after a few more emails I finally sent her a text asking if she was available on the day, she replied "yes". After a few more one word texted replies we arranged to meet at 1pm.

She describes her location as a 3 minute walk from Tower Hill, well, I doubt an Olympic athlete could even come close to that time, it took me a good 12 - 15 minutes to get there.

I sent another text and was given her flat number, after a bit of head scratching trying to find the entrance I spotted it, rang the buzzer and was buzzed in.

Camillla met me at her door, first impressions were very good, attractive and very presentable. Her flat was also very nice, clean and tidy.

She asked how long I wanted and I said an hour, unfortunately she said she could only do half an hour as her landlord was coming round to sort out a problem with her flat. I paid the £60 and headed off to the shower.

When I came back into the bedroom she removed my towel and joined me on the bed. She stripped off her clothes apart from some nice hold up stockings.

She asked if I wanted owo which I said yes to. The owo was very good, lots of eye contact, quite deep, with hand action. We then went into 69, she was very clean and fresh and quite responsive.

Then it was on with the condom for cowgirl followed by doggy to finish.

There was no after chat, cuddles, etc as she obviously wanted me out of there in case her landlord turned up. The whole meeting felt very rushed and I reckon I was out of there within 25 minutes.

I'm giving it a neutral as although I enjoyed my visit, and she is a nice girl, it was just too rushed for me, we never got to try most of her likes list.

i think I would go back, and if so I'll give another review which I hope will be a positive one.

5 review(s) found for NYMPHO_BLONDE_24_ linked to in above post (2 positive, 2 neutral, 1 negative)

Offline yumyum3

Thanks for the review. As per David Good's review, she sounds pleasant. What is the name of the road she works from, please?

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