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Author Topic: Aida Glasgow hot body  (Read 977 times)

Offline transam

Anyone had the pleasure or not, but have info on:


What a hot tight body  :P if those pics are true. cheers lads, bless you all, transam

You're new here Transam right?
Lest it has escaped your notice, the lovely lady (and the shots are of a lovely lady indeed) is Romanian. Now, personally, and you can call me cynical, I wouldn't waste my time enquiring further; probably a bait and switch scam.
Just for the sake of argument, let's say, by the intervention of a minor, nay, major miracle, that the photos really do show 'Aida', be prepared for a cold monolingual ( no, not in a good way) experience. My cynicism, by the way, is borne of experience and honed in the school of hard knocks.
Tell you what; go, take one for the team, then tell all!

Offline transam

yes thanks sxmachine, new here but not entirely new if you get my drift. thanks for the advice, probably correct a bait'n'switch, but lets not tag Romanians, good and bad in all. anyway i will be spanking the monkey tonight i guess :angry:

Actually, beyond the high probability (I admit, not certainty) of terrible Romanian service, I have a more subtle reason for avoiding these WGs.
The feminazis, Rhoda Black, Mary Honeyball, Lord Morrow etc, want to outlaw punting on the basis that it exploits EE girls who are forced into prostitution against their will. I believe the chances of Romanian WGs working for pimps is high; hence their generally reluctant service. Now, the home grown lassies, on the other hand, often take to hooring like ducks to water. No hint of coercion there. So, guys, don't give the feminists credence by feeding into their narrative. If we are going to shag, let us proudly 'shag local'.

Offline J_H

I think you're absolutely spot on there SXM.

I have nothing against Romanians - I worked with many before in the construction industry, knew their families, and they were the salt of the earth. I've also had great punts with two lovely Romanian girls, but the majority of them are involved in what is clearly a scamming criminal sub-culture, which personally I'd like to see rooted out and the pimps deported (once they come out of jail).

As you say, if you are going to find girls trafficked anywhere (perhaps that is too harsh a word, but 'coerced?), then that is where you'll find them; explains their utterly shit attitude and general dourness.

There is actually a campaign in Romania (DECISIONS DETERMINE DESTINY) to prevent girls from falling into the hands of Sergei.

Indeed, J_H, not all Romanian's are bad. One of my all time fave WGs was Lena who helped to pay her way through Uni from a flat in Meadowbank. She spoke 5 languages. It is beyond doubt that the current crop of Romanian hookers are controlled by pimps and that this fact will be eagerly seized on by the abolitionist who, it appears, are not for giving up, encouraged as they are by the increasing cult of political correctness sweeping Scotland.
Remember the good old days when it wasn't a crime to smoke a fag or drink a pint and then drive?
If we all stop using these Romanian WGs, they will stop coming here. Simples!

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