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Author Topic: Strippers  (Read 806 times)

Offline mslstoy

Always enjoyed a stop off at London's strip pubs on the way home from work (gutted about the Flying Scotsman)

Well here's the question, seen a stripper a few times, and she says that's all she does (when I dropped hints about other work) HOWEVER she has given me number (so I can check when she's working) - do you guys think it's worth another tryk?
Am going to drop in on my way home this evening.
Have any of you punted a pub stripper (I know it'd probably be poor VFM)
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Offline vt

Jai at Annabellas/HOD was a stripper at the places in Shoreditch...great punt too...here's my review...


She did me a great standing booty-grinding reverse cowgirl while I was sat on the chair, just like you might dream of at a lap-dancing venue...next time I might ask her nicely if she can do the full build-up of a sexy striptease and naked lapdance that then goes all the way...I reckon she'd be great at it esp as she now has some new boobs to play with.

Online fredpunter

It is by no means uncommon for a stripper to give you her phone number and/or take yours so she can pester you to attend venues and/or parties she is working at. Not only does she hope you will turn up and give her money, but at some venues/parties she will also get some credit from the organiser for bringing in customers and hence get more bookings. The sharing of phone numbers is certainly not a guarantee that shagging is on the cards, though it is not unheard of.

Offline happyend

(gutted about the Flying Scotsman)

Damn the Scottie was always top quality entertainment - many interesting memories passing an hour waiting for my train

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