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Author Topic: hotsweet108 - an utter disaster!  (Read 878 times)

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Offline diamond_dawg

Was mindlessly flicking through adultwork  today and came across this profile:

https://www.adultwork.com/3199026 or https://www.adultwork.com/hotsweet108

Girl looked really hot so decided to TOFTT and sent a text. Got no response after a couple of hours so decided to call. Woman answered and seemed ok. However the first warning sign was that she said it was £50 for 30 mins and £80 for an hour. I have been doing this long enough to know that no girl ever undercharges herself, especially with a new client. However I thought nothing of it and decided to go along. Thought I would make it 30 mins only just in case.

Location - Qbic Hotel in Aldgate

Comms - were fine though a further warning sign - the call to give me the room number was from a withheld number.

Appearance - the girl that opened the door was not the one in the picture. I expected this but decided before I went that if she wasn't bad looking I would stay. Once I saw her she looked ok so decided to proceed. Also it did not click at the time but the girl was Romanian but I did not realise. I never punt with Romanians, too many bad experiences.

We sat down and she said that it is an extra £20 for OWO and CIM. I told her I only had £50 and said I would leave but then she said ok fine no extra.

Told me to get undressed which I did and lay on the bed. She took of her top and started o give me OWO. And then this is when the problems started...

I noticed on the bed there must have been at least 10 phones, cheap PAYG ones that were going off at different intervals. I then heard a voice in the background answering phones. I am not familiar with this hotel but I think it is one with a communal bathroom but in the rooms is a screen with a sink and a toilet. I start getting a little worried as I have no idea who it is. And then ask the girl with my dick in her mouth and she says don't worry it is just her fiend. Her friend then comes out and it is another woman. She asks me if I want a threesome. I say I have no money and but she tells me that there is a cash machine downstairs. I say no thanks as at this point I am uncomfortable with the whole set up, just want to shoot my load and leave. The shame is the friend was really hot.

Anyway I tell the girl attending to me to get rid of the phones on the bed as it is distracting so her friend takes them away. She then continues with OWO. But it is really uncomfortable as she is clearly trying to make me cum ASAP and sucking really hard and using her teeth and is actually hurting me.She then keeps moving her mouth and starts tugging. She kept doing this and I kept having to tell her to stop jerking me and to be more gentle with her mouth. Also while giving me OWO she is sending text messages to somebody. To top it all of the phones are going of in the background and I can hear her friend making more bookings.

Eventually when for the umpteenth time I have to tell the girl I am with to be gentle (and by this point I am actually in pain because she has been so abrasive) I stand up and say I want some of my money back as they have completely messed me about. The friend comes out of the back and the 3 of us start arguing. The friend then calls someone and starts speaking in her native language. Worried that it may be someone that might come up and really start trouble I put on my clothes and say I am going to go downstairs and tell security what is going on. This seemed to scare them and they gave me back £20 and I left.

My absolute worst punting experience. I suspect these girls have got multiple profiles set up based on the number of phones and calls they were taking. Hope no one gets caught put like I did.
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1 review(s) found for the service provider linked to in above post (0 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative)

Fair play to you for TOFTT same day as profile was created, sounds an absolute nightmare.

Offline punther

I've noticed recently quite a few Romanian's with unverified profiles putting their country as United Kingdom.

After  while you will learn to spot them

Just shaking my head...sorry, you had a bad experience and don't mean to sound condescending but what were you thinking? That profile screams ripoff!

Offline yorkshire123

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Offline diamond_dawg

Just shaking my head...sorry, you had a bad experience and don't mean to sound condescending but what were you thinking? That profile screams ripoff!

You are absolutely right. The warning signs were all there. Hopefully I will be smarter next time.
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Offline yumyum3

Profile's disappeared. Sounds like a typical scamming operation. Glad you got £20 back but you should still have reported them as you remain £30 down with a sore knob. Cunts.  :thumbsdown:

Offline coolfriend_f

looks like a scammer, the profile has vanished
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