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Author Topic: POTD 15th October  (Read 787 times)

Offline Tonyleung

one for POTD


Might be a PG scam, this just popped up today,

Please somebody tell me she is real!!  :wacko:

Messaged, waiting for response.

Offline AnthonyN

There's now an alert message on her AW page :thumbsdown:
Banning reason: Falsely reporting email as spam

There's now an alert message on her AW page :thumbsdown:
They mean nothing other than they haven't supplied ID yet ! 

She emailed she wouldn't confirm services etc in email, but had to call. I don't go for that, that being how one falsely advertises then claims one didn't offer what was offered on the phone...or the English suddenly goes.  I'll pass.

Offline Steve2

Image search comes up with hits on a German forum.

"Der Service ... beschissen". That doesn't sound good.


mr. melon wrote:
Alina was in 2006 in the Birkenstr. in "crystal" active ......

Now I remember it!
I fucked her in the Birkenstrasse also about the one time or another. Class optics - bad service!

One to avoid methinks

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