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Author Topic: Genuine or Fake  (Read 907 times)

Online James999

According to this FR

URL: https://www.adultwork.com/FR?58016 The author of the review says it was a scam the pro$$ie says it was a no show.

Is the report perhaps by another pro$$ie trying to damage the competition? Or is it genuine  :bomb:

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can't seem to access the link James ?

Offline AnthG

can't seem to access the link James ?

I think its fake. 408 positive feedback score cannot lie.

Or as option 3. It could be genuine but both parties being innocent. As in those guys outside had nothing to do with her. People often think people in the surrounding area are in awareness of what goes on in this place when its often innocent and just imagination and paranoia running wild.

i agree Anth.  Btw sick pair of nappyknickers in the profile pic.  wtf  :thumbsdown:

Offline philuk1uk

Yeh i'm inclined to think the punter got spooked by 2 blokes and panicked and drove away, and decided the blokes must have been something to do with the WG.

Offline brooksey

The reviewer has no other feedback (giving a total of -1). This suggests to me the review is fake. The girl may have pissed someone off locally. I note she is a Russian speaker and seems to be doing fairly well. But would anyone really travel all the way to Stoke from the North East to see her ? 

Offline Joe Blob

I think the FR's fake as well. With all that escort feedback and the rest of the FRs, she must be doing something right.

Also, if the blokes only had the intention of robbing him, why has he put down £70 as the fee? Did they rob him of exactly £70? If they didn't rob him, the fee was zero.
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The 'guy' has -1 feedback, she has over 400 positive and the 16 disputes are mostly from both sides claiming no show which is minor.

Offline andrei

i'd think its fake simply because the "guy" just posted the same paragraph in every field, sort of like to ensure his point got across

plus for me the facts fall down, if 2 guys approached his car and they were in cahoots with the escort surely they would report back that he drove away, so why would she call to say "where are you"

fake imo
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