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Author Topic: Kelsy is back - Gosport  (Read 769 times)

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Offline djng6

Arranged a meet by phone call, she sounded pleasant on the phone. However when I arrived for the meet and called her as requested she did not answer, Tried several times and still no response so I believe she is a time waster, possibly double books clients. Luckily I did not have to travel far however, I suggest that those that do shouldn't bother.

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Offline riskytimes

seen this girl as a regular for the past year ! she took some time out then has come back . you have obviously had a bad time in trying to book her but i can assure you she is 100% genuine and has the most amazing eyes and a rack that is simply devine , her bj skills are out of this world . She is choosy and only recently was offered violence in her own home by some dick head who thought he was going to get it for free !! as if .   

Offline oggyoggyboy

Sorry she did same to me aswell
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Offline riskytimes

then all i can say is it must have been your approach ! sorry

Offline djng6

It's happening too often now riskytimes, if she does not feel comfortable with going ahead with a meeting, why does she confirm the booking and then not follow through with it? I stick by my review and advise other punters to avoid her unless they want their time to be wasted. There's far better and more reliable WGs in the area.
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