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Author Topic: A Request.  (Read 576 times)

Not wanting to tell anyone what to do or anything, but when requesting info about a prossie can they please put an area in the title.
I am more than happy to help if I can so it would be cool if I knew if the post was relevant to my area before I clicked the post, read it then clicked the AW link to find out she is in London or whatever, you may even find others are more likely to click and read it then offer advice if they see their haunt mentioned in the title rather than just, "Candy". "Or info please on bigtits69"

Ta  :cool:

Offline pilgrim

I agree with you Mancspunter, but at present it means that more people may view the post out of curiosity. I travel up and down the country so if I see something that interests me I will take note of it and then maybe visit the next time Im in that area.

You could ask about this in the site issues thread or PM a mod if you have a useful solution that would ease matters. They are maybe happy with the present layout and number of views that they are receiving.

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