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Offline cueball or

Squirtily jumping out of my right money milfs hotlist comes this lass. She's been reviewed by one of my trusted buddies on here who recommended her to me as being just up my milfy street. I do like a raunchy milf with an extensive likes list that comes recommended, so, into the list she went and her turn would come around eventually. Another cross border podging raid was on the cards again, so on with the cammo's and into Indian territory I went. She's quite a drive from me so I had to set up a decent window.

Comms.... Good comms, emails answered and phone number passed on. She's happy to talk on the phone and being a milf, you can have a decent natter with her without any awkward silences, so, during the phone chat my day and time is arranged and the postcode passed on to aid my journey planning.

Venue..... clean tidy terraced house in Wakefield area. There was plenty of out of eye shot parking for my motor and seemed an ok area for my daytime punt.

Looks......  Yes, it is her in the pictures, her pictures are quite vague as you don't really get a good handle on her looks but in the flesh she's a curvy milf with an average pair of tits that react well to the attention, she was clean and fresh and seems to take care in her appearance to give you the right impression. I'd say her age on her profile is more or less accurate.

The action.... I knock on the door and I'm greeted by this lass dressed in a little short skirt and boddice, she seems a little shy and possibly a little nervous but is smiling. I'm invited into the lounge and sit on the settee, I get rid of the brass and the snogging starts (no more miss shy), it's proper dfk with this lass whilst my hands do some roaming, out pop her tits and up her skirt goes my hand finding an already wet pussy, I slip a couple of fingers into her and she starts gyrating on em. In no time I'm feeling hot jets hitting the palm of my hand as squirt number one takes place (bloody hell).
She offers the bedroom and I duly follow. Into the bedroom, we're down to our birthday suits and snogging galore, whilst she wanks my cock, I slip another couple of fingers into her very very wet pussy, she goes off again, this second squirt has my full attention, I kid you not, it's jets of hot liquid (I've never seen anything like it), she slaps clit and and we're both getting pissed wet through.
She puts me on my back to deliver a session of owo, she really goes to town here, she seems like she is trying to push herself by gorging on my cock, with tears streaming down her face, she gags, gulps, coughs and slurps on my cock with my hands on the back of her head pushing myself in right up to the taities.
This goes on and on until I'm getting near the vinegar stroke so I request it's podging time and she slips a coat on best mate and climbs aboard in cg. Her cg is ok, nothing out of the ordinary but it's welcome as I want to come back from the vinegar stroke.
A move is on my mind as I request some mish, as usual mish is a gripping sweating affair whilst both our tongues are at back of each other's throats, I pump away in a happy rhythm until I want a move again.
Doggy next, over we go and in I plunge, I'm happily pumping away but my seedy mind is on over drive, to test the water I slip a wet thumb up her rusty sheriffs badge, she's happily pumping me back and says "there's some lube there"
"Ooo, up ze bumfer?" says I, "oh yes" was her reply, so out I pop, she lubes and gently in I slip into the wrong un, I gradually build a tidy rhythm as she frigs herself to (yes, you've guessed it) another squirt.
A move is on again though, onto her back she goes, points at her arse hole and directs me in, she's loosened up nicely now, so, I go at it hammer and tongues with her squealing, sweating and bloody pissing us both wet through (again).
I'm ready to go back in the front door now though, change of coat and I'm back pounding her in mish.
I'm at the brink of popping now and say I'd like to cum in her mouth, no probs, off comes the jacket and I'm back being devoured again, I pop straight down her throat to which she never blinks an eye and swallows the lot.
Bit if a rest and recover and I'm ready for round two (well, I think I'm ready), we return to the owo which includes the now standard gag and glug whilst I again slip a couple of fingers into her and wait for the inevitable warm jet in the palm of my hand, she doesn't disappoint, off she goes again (I take it all in my stride now, I'm well used to be drenched now).
On with another jacket and I'm back to podging in mish but to be honest I'm running out of steam, my legs are like jelly and I'm puffing and panting like a capston full strength smoker but I'm back at the popping stage and request another cim, okay dokay is her reply, she's back to sucking me but I want to throw one over the knuckle straight into her mouth, she gets her second load and swallows the lot again.
I collapse on the absolutely pissed wet through bed, totally spent.
I don't usually shower at a lasses gaff after but this time it's different, I'm bloody covered in her juices, I'm sticky as a jam butty and sweating like a pig, into the shower I jump.

To sum up... Well, this lass was a real experience, I've never in all my years experienced a squirter like her, I've seen em gush before but nothing on this scale. She's a curvy milf that may not be to everybody's taste but if you've a liking for down to earth normal lasses that behave in a extraordinary way then book yourself in. She's a nice enough lass to get along with, that truly is in this game to get podged. If getting very wet is not your thing then bare that mind before you start the comms.

Would I recommend... Yes, if you're like me with an eye for a raunchy milf with an extensive likes list and a good attitude.

Would I return.... Yes, she's quite a drive for me and setting up the window did require more than the normal amount of planning but yes, given the opportunity I'd be back.

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Offline stevedave

As always cueball, an excellent review  :drinks:

She's certainly not vanilla, not your everyday punt but she's a lot of dirty fun! Wet suit well and truly required  :lol:


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Brilliant review.

I was exhausted just reading it.....  :hi:

 :hi: wow !  Just WOW !  my mission is now to experience this !!!


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Thanks Cueball for the great review, added to my HL


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A masterpiece in reporting Cueball :-) I've often thought about seeing 'P' after the Reviews on here, and I will definitely get in touch with her soon, after reading that. Thanks!


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Thanks for the review CB;

I don't know how I managed to miss this one.

A proper squirter eh?  Definitely one for Dobers bucket list  :sarcastic:


Offline cueball

A proper squirter eh? 


Yes, between you and her, there won't be a lamp post in Wakefield that's not been marked  :D

Yes, between you and her, there won't be a lamp post in Wakefield that's not been marked  :D

 :lol: :lol: :lol:


Offline Turtle Z

Great review, seems worth considering purely on attitude. Wish she had better profile pics though!

worth noting - i did mail her for a meet after seeing this review - and she said she had just had an op on her nose so was only seeing regulars for a little while - i was going to try again mid february

Offline stevedave

Thanks for the review CB;

I don't know how I managed to miss this one.

A proper squirter eh?  Definitely one for Dobers bucket list  :sarcastic:


Squirting doesn't really do it's more like a broken tap, fuck knows where it all comes from  :lol: