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Author Topic: A classic  (Read 1004 times)

Offline Ali Katt

It's hard to tell if she is a 6-8 or not as she sat down. Not sure about bust size. For the price if I lived near London I'd be tempted.

Offline Stiltskin

At £65 per hour you have to expect a large size 6-8.

The whole profile is confused though eg. she works 12am-9pm, that's 21 hours a day.

I don't think the middle pic shows the mouth of a 32-year old TBH...

Offline pilgrim

Someone is keeping an eye on the posts, as there is now only two photos displayed on the public gallery. That mole on the top lip would give me Austin Powers nightmares. As someone who has had a lot of moles removed due to accidents requiring surgery and surgery requested to stop it happening again on other prominent ones I dont know why more people dont have them removed.

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