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Author Topic: Whatsapp  (Read 2161 times)

Offline Dude2k13

Quick question.

If I've given someone who has what's app my contact number can they find my name out with the app without messaging me?

I cant view my name on the what app profile and have no picture or status clearly displaying it.

Depends what your profile name is set as? If they enter your number to start a new conversation (and don't have you saved already) then whatever your profile name is will come up at the top I think.

I believe if they already have your number saved in their contacts, it displays what they have you as in their contacts, by default.

Offline comaminion

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Offline webpunter

In the same way that your saved phone contacts show on WA then the reverse will most probably be the case.  When you set your mobile up then this may ask for a user name.  As a punting mobile then i just made mine up.  Some of the contacts showing on WA have different pics attached.  And usually more natural shots.  Next time i'm with a semi-reg who i know is on WA i'll ask her to show me what if anything shows on WA for me.  I'll update this thread accordingly.  You can disable access so that WA can't access your contacts.  But this defeats the object of having WA somewhat

When you sign up to whatsapp on the phone they ask you to input a name as well as Facebook details. You can write what you like there. I just out one initial down and when I whatsapp anyone it comes up with that one initial when the phone give you a message notice.

In the chats the name comes up with whatever the other person has set.
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Offline Jerboa

Yes I've done the same, set up a fake Whatsapp account on my punting phone, it's handy as a lot of times you can see a natural pic on the girls profile.

Offline Dude2k13

Thanks for the reply,
I figured this is how one got my name.
Can a name be altered once set up as I can find no settings to change it on android.

You can alter it under settings/profile but I use Apple.

Yeap, as been mentioned you'd be MAD to use WhatsApp to contact a WG on a normal phone.

On a punting phone (ie disposable number and FAKE email address and no use of social media) it's a great tool for contacting  providers

But some don't accept contact via WhatApp as it can lead to protracted jousting

Offline SirFrank

Don't use whatsapp for putting even if you've got a punting phone. Too much risk and simply not worth it. I use whatsapp on my personal phone but my punting phone I only ever phone and text. Anything else is asking for potential problems IMO
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Offline SirFrank

I prefer my Odyssey for this  :D

😆😆 fucking iPhone autocorrect
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Offline webpunter

😆😆 fucking iPhone autocorrect
Indeed - but i couldn't resist.  I've had punting come up as the corrected word  :scare:  especially as i can't recall using my iPhone much.  Perhaps the odd occasion to arrange a plan B when on the hoof

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