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Author Topic: BlondieG Edinburgh/Balerno  (Read 2295 times)

6 review(s) for BlondieG (6 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

Offline Cactus

https://www.adultwork.com/3001850 or https://www.adultwork.com/BlondieG

Was known as Blondie Spanks when I met her a couple of months ago, been meaning to review since I saw her.

Pretty blonde Scottish lady, she's not a small lass, but her profile makes this clear and I'm rather a fan of curves on occassion.  Has quite a few tattoos, which as noted before in previous reviews, I'm a fan off.  Arrived to find her dressed as requested, but given that it was only a half hour punt, the outfit wasn't on for long.  Fee paid was, I believe £60 for 30 minutes, but could have been the £70 as listed currently, which seems to be about the going rate currently in Edinburgh.  Aged 34, which I would say is fair, if anything she looks a little younger.

Location is a bit of a nightmare, absolutely in the middle of nowhere, felt like I kept driving and driving before I got there and thought that I must have taken a wrong turn - your own transport is a must.   The only parking available is in her drive so if you're worried about her reading your number plate and noting the type of car you drive then I'd take heed.  For the record though, I really don't think she would be that kind of girl, but who knows in this day and age.

House itself was quirky, clean and tidy, but there wasn't much room at all to get around her bed, I nearly burned my arse on the radiator.

Service was good to very good.  Excellent and enthusiastic uncoverd oral, boob play, fingering, oral on her (she's got fantastic meaty lips if that's your thing - I loved it personally), spanking on her, very good cowgirl and reverse cowgirl - great stamina bouncing away, onto missionary before shooting my load over her huge tits.  She seemed to enjoy it, but didn't get all that wet, maybe I'm not the stud I think I am?

A nice touch after popping was her handing me a fresh face cloth to clean up, better than the usual tesco value baby wipe.  Offered a shower after I got done, which I declined as I rather like to enjoy the aroma of a girl on me for a while after the punt is over.  Not a clock wather at all, was in her house closer to an hour, of which a full half hour was spent fornicating.

Looks/body - 7 (pretty and sized as advertised, pictures are a good representation of the girl I met, I knew she wasn't a size 10 prior to booking);
Personality - 8 (friendly girl who made me at ease, not much can be garnered from a half hour, but the chat we had was good and light hearted);
Service - 8.5 (no complaints from me, all services I sought were offered with gusto);
Location/house - 6 (fine for me, but won't be for some others due to remoteness);
Communication - 8 (emailed back and forward to arrange at pretty short notice, provided me with clear directions and a phone number should it be required).

Good punt and I'd recommend so long as the location, age and size don't put you off.  I would/will return.

6 review(s) found for BlondieG linked to in above post (6 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

Thanks for the review Cactus, I've been considering her over this last week. Do you think her place is to far out to taxi to?

Ta, fdp

Offline Calum163

Why not phone a TAXI firm and ask them for an approx. price would be easier.

Offline Cactus

Thanks for the review Cactus, I've been considering her over this last week. Do you think her place is to far out to taxi to?

Ta, fdp

I'm honestly not sure, it's out beyond balerno by a good bit. Not sure if a taxi would be possible, if it was then you'd probably spend a fortune. You'd need to get one there and then book another to come back.

Give her a shout & ask for her postcode, I'm not comfortable giving it out myself. That'll show where she lives and you can work out whether a taxi is possible.

Offline bawbag

Think i would prefer the baby wipes to a recycled jizz rag

Offline Cactus

Think i would prefer the baby wipes to a recycled jizz rag

Ordinarily, I would agree with you and the thought did cross my mind.  However, the one I was given was brand new as she pulled the tag off it before handing it to me.  Seemed like a nice touch at the time.

Offline Cactus

Had a follow up punt with Blondie over the weekend, this time I booked for an hour and really enjoyed myself.  Pictures are a true representation of her so you know exactly who you are meeting before you turn up.  Got down to action quickly and she gives a great horny GFE.  After we were done we lay on the bed and had a good chat for a while about this and that, which was a nice touch and the whole experience never felt rushed.

All in all, highly recommended if the girl in the pictures tickles your fancy.

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