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Author Topic: Phoning a WG to book  (Read 1932 times)

Offline nigel4498

I nearly always phone. Great for establishing whether you think it will be a good punt or not from their attitude. I've decided many times not to press any further and just apologise with an excuse such as let me get back to you if I can make that time when I've felt the attitude was shit or slacking.

Also great for confirming services and whether there are extras.

My conversations usually go like this:
Is this ..?
How are you?
I just wanted to check if you're available today?
Are you free at?
What station is closest to you?
Can I confirm which services are included in your price?
Depending on answer if it wasn't mentioned... Is FK & OWO included?
Again depending on answer, if I want to book.. Can you send the address and I can come at xpm. Great see you

I'm a vanilla punter so FK, OWO & sex are my interests. Never asked a girl to dress up in a certain way. I just require a passionate service.
Almost exactly what I do, plus I tell them my age in case they have to give me the kiss of life if need be.

Offline nike

I prefer to talk first, if possible.

You can definitely gauge a lot even in a short phone call.
Email via AW followed by a phone call.

Online Placebo88

I usually feel some nerves and excitement before I phone a WG but once the conversation starts it is surprising how matter of fact and almost mundane it is and I often think to myself whilst talking ' am I actually arranging to shag this woman ? ' ; it is kind of surreal.I sometimes wonder if I should attempt a bit of flirtation but I suspect many WGs see this as the behaviour of TWs and the types who are after free phone sex and a cheap thrill !

Different WGs prefer different methods of contact.One who did not even bother to read 3 detailed AW messages from me answered their phone both times I called within 3 rings.I think some ignore AW messaging altogether, but it cannot be disabled as an option on the website.

I phone when I am fairly confident that I am going to book someone should they answer.I use emails when I am requesting additional information in order to make a decision or asking something I would be uncomfortable talking about on the phone.I avoid text for all but 2/3 word messages ; confirming receipt of address etc. as an old punting phone where you have to press a key 4 times for just one letter is no fun!


I will speak on the phone if they insist on it, but much much much sooner email or whatsapp with them prior to first meeting to see what really rocks their boats and see if they can and really will do what they offer on their profiles.  Just hate it when there is limited emailing, but to be fair last couple of punts have been very light on emails but still ended up very successful sexy filthy meets  :crazy:


Offline george r

only girl I have booked with on the phone was SGK , others done online with a text on the morning to confirm .

Offline The_Don

If there no phone number listed or some foolish requirement for A/W feed back. I don't book its as simple as that.

I like to call first, as I prefer to speak to some one (even if its the maid, pimp etc). And ask a few questions, if I like the replies (I mite) book, if not I move on

If get no answer from a call, I've have booked a W/G by text only. As this is the way some handle comms, as stated in the reviews.

Once a booking is made, I follow up with a text (useful and prudent, I've found). Confirming some basics and then I travel, once they reply. As I don't like having my time wasted!

How can any piece of mind  be gauged from a few texts?


A lot of comm are handle by text, thus most have templates set up.

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I find the initial setting up of a meet a bit sort of clinical or mechanical. I therefore find it far more comfortable to email or txt stuff like "do you do OWO and sploshing" than phoning to speak about it. Ultimately, if I really want to see her and she insists on a phone call I'll bite the bullet but I'll feel a bit awkward.

Offline Sonny Crockett

My personal preference is to text the lady if I want to arrange a meet. However if the lady in question prefers a phone call, then I don't have a problem with it.
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Offline Rod trotter

Bit the bullet and phoned, no answer  :dash:

She texted to say she was fully booked...fuck

Will try again.dutch courage
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I use to hate talking on the phone to civvie girls when I was younger. I would get nervous about running out of things to say and I hated awkward silences. Talking to WGs is easy, It's helped me a lot with my confidence on the phone. There's a purpose for the call, it's not just innane waffling trying to impress them.

Offline Belisknor

Ive a phobia of this, it scares the shit out of me when they say ring for appointment.

I cant explain why i like to text and email but thats me.

Anyone else got a problem doing it?

Totally understand not because it scares me, I'm just shit on the phone full stop so prefer to text or email so you can think about what your going to say before hand.
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I talk on the phone to strangers a lot so it shouldn't have been a problem for me, but I used to feel awkward ringing wgs at the start of my career.

Now I prefer phoning, and it certainly is a good indicator of how things are likely to go. If the conversation is not easy, then I don't book.

I had one booking set up via email for 1pm and the first time I actually spoke to her was 12.30 to confirm I was on my way (as arranged) and she moaned "I had a late night last night and you woke me up. I s'pose I'd better get ready". I told her not to bother.

Her shit attitude would not have been so obvious in a text.

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