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Author Topic: _Naughty_Amelia_ - Nottingham  (Read 1135 times)

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Offline NottsDB

Name: Amelia
Profile Link: https://www.adultwork.com/ViewProfile.asp?UserID=2978877
Price: £70, 0.5 hours, no extras had.

Summary of _Naughty_Amelia_:
Brunette, Polish, GFE, Good Body, Great Personality.

Why Did I Book?:
I'd been searching for my next punt for a couple months and nothing really seemed to be worth my time. Then I saw that Amelia had come back to the city for a couple weeks and I decided that based on her profile, that she'd be exactly what I was looking for. I know that Eastern European girls and Polish girls in general get a bit of a bad rap, so I was sceptical, I don't mind telling you but I emailed her while she was available and within twenty minutes, she'd gotten back to me. Called her up and arranged to meet for an hour and a half's time for a half hour session. She is in one of these buildings with a keycode door and things of that nature, you call her up when you are close and she gives you the apartment number and lift code. Eventually found my way inside and navigated the halls and found her door. Anyone else get a rush when they hear the heels on the wood floor coming to the door? She opened the door and this was no bait and switch, she looked as good or maybe even better than the photos. She had black heels and a long-ish tight black dress.

What happened?:
She offered me the facilities and a drink which was a nice touch, then we got the paperwork quickly out the way. The apartment seemed quite modern, smelt relatively nice and was clean. We sat down on the bed and I leaned in and kissed her lightly. Things as they do, began to heat up. Her hand was rubbing up my thigh and my hand was up and down her back before she laid back on the bed with me on top of her. The kissing was getting intense, sucking lips, a little biting. She moaned as I rubbed my hard on through my jeans around her pussy area. She got on top and began to grind her pussy and ass against my cock, again through my jeans which to my surprise felt amazing. The clothes began to come off at that point.

She's got a nice flat stomach, athletic hips without being bony and a nice peachy ass. If you are into big tits, she's not going to be your cup of darjeeling but she has small, cute tits. She began to work the big guy. Slow, fast, hard, soft. She drooled a little on him as well and worked it a little with her hand. I told her that I needed a taste, so she slid her panties off and in a moment of sheer brilliance threw them at me which I thought was hilarious. She began to work me with her mouth while I acquired a taste for her. She smelt fresh as a daisy, nicely shaved as well. I felt myself getting to that point as her lips tightened around my cock so I suggested that we fuck.

Started off in missionary, partly because I enjoyed kissing her so much, she's a pretty responsive kisser lads. She felt quite tight and with her being quite slim, it meant I had more room to do my thing. Whispered in her ear to turn off which got a nice big grin from her and we did a little doggystyle. Seeing her pretty pert arse jiggling while i'm fucking her could make a grown man weep. I'll admit, I was a bit out of practice so I ran a little out of steam. We kissed a little more and she brought the big guy back to life and pushed me back onto the bed. She climbed on top and we began to work up a bit of a sweat. Her bouncing up and down and me gripping her arse with my hands, pushing her downwards brought me to a close. She then did something else which was a nice touch, she fell on top of me. I was sweating, she was sweating and we just laid there. Pretty surreal to be honest. We've all had punts where the girl wants to get you up, off and out as quick as. But not Amelia, we sat up and I cleaned myself off. Every now and then we'd have a little kiss and then we just had a bit of a chat about the job and that. She made eye contact and would randomly touch me.

I like to find out how I did and I know that usually escorts lie and say you was incredible but she was actually honest! I did pretty good, but she offered some tips which actually were pretty helpful. I don't think i'd go back to any of the escorts i've visited to be honest apart from her because I feel like we clicked and had a great punt because of it. She's professional but warm. If you treat her with respect and nicely, she'll fuck you like a king.

I'll be honest, I like the look of her duo partner too but I don't think i'd be able to handle both. She's only in town for a couple more weeks though, she returns every few months and does tours around England.

Any questions?

10 review(s) found for _Naughty_Amelia_ linked to in above post (7 positive, 0 neutral, 3 negative)

Is the place easy to find, and park up etc ? As NG1 covers a large area, and obviously without going into specific streets, can you comment on the area ?

Any suggestion that there was anyone else in the building, just always slightly nervous about the foreign ones?

Offline NottsDB

Is the place easy to find, and park up etc ? As NG1 covers a large area, and obviously without going into specific streets, can you comment on the area ?

Any suggestion that there was anyone else in the building, just always slightly nervous about the foreign ones?
Its like two minutes from Oceana/Wilko. You could easily use the Vic centre car park and just cross the road.

The apartment basically a long ball with a side room bathroom and a sideroom bedroom so short of some guy hiding under the bed, you have your privacy.

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