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Author Topic: Lena @ Diva Escorts  (Read 1909 times)

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I've been lurking on the forums for a little while now, thanks to the information provided by all you experienced punters I finally plucked up the courage to have my first punt.

I saw Nadia a few times when she was still at Romilly St and what a little darling she is. Saw her twice for 20mins during spring this year, which was great. Hot little bod and quite enthusiastic, also nice technique with the condom on with her mouth.

Not long after seeing Nadia I fell ill, which I have since recovered from and decided to have my first agency punt.

I wanted to see someone preferably petite and blonde and I liked the look of Lena from Diva Escorts so I decided to have a go.

Escort Name: Lena
Date/Time 12/10/15 2pm
Time Spent: 2 hours (only paid for 90 mins + A level, which I'll explain)
Location: Paddington
Services: owo, dfk, gfe, cim and A level is an extra 50
Cost: £270 (should have been £380 with the time spent and a level)
Agency Link https://www.divaescort.com/girls/blonde-paddington-lena/


I called the agency a week before to book the date. The call was answered by a woman with a European accent and was told all services were available on her profile when asked and she would contact Lena to confirm the booking. Confirmation was sent by text a couple hours later. Another final confirmation sent on the morning of the date. Pretty straight forward.

Location & Apartment

The apartment building is located at Sheldon Square next to some upmarket offices just outside Paddington underground. The apartment itself is located a fair way up the building, luckily I took the lift. The apartment has 2 bedrooms, bathroom and kitchen, which she shares with her flat mate and fellow escort Amanda from Diva.


Lena is definitely the woman in the photos but her face has quite a few years added on, not quite as attractive as her photo's suggest as they are heavily photoshopped. Still beautiful never the less.
She's polish and petite standing at around 5' 5" with slim legs, Pert b cups and a cracking arse. The agency profile says she's 25 and other agency sites says she's early 20's but I would say more 28-30. She does now have slight tummy to which she explains is because her mother kept feeding her while she was on holiday back home.

The Meeting

I arrived at her apartment building at 1.55 pm and was buzzed in straight away by a lovely European accent. I knocked on the door and was greeted by Lena, she was all smile as was I. She was wearing a pink bra and skirt with matching heels. She ushered me into the lounge, which was also her room and sat me down on the sofas and took a sip of her wine and asked if I'd like a drink. I said no as I had a bottle of water already on me.

I asked if all her services were available and they were so I handed over the cash in an envelope and asked if I could take a shower. As I was showering I could hear another woman's voice talking to Lena, which turned out to be Amanda. As I finished up washing and rinsing my mouth (mouthwash available) I opened the bathroom door to see the back of Amanda entering her room. I didn't get to see her face, which was a shame as she had an excellent figure in lingerie.

I sat down on the sofa in my towel while waiting for Lena to finish up whatever she was doing. Not long after Lena pops back in and apologises and goes to the kitchen, which is a part of the lounge to get a wine glass and a bottle of wine for Amanda and leaves the room. By this point I was already 10 mins in and was thinking wether she was wasting time. A few mins later she comes back in and apologises again and sits down next to me, she preceded to snuggle up next to me and lays her head in my chest, which I thought was quite a nice touch. She looks up at me with her almost fawning eyes and starts to give me a slight kiss at first then to full on dfk. This lasts for a few minutes before she starts moving her hand under the towel and starts playing with me, I start to do the same. This felt very sensual and lasted a good 5 minutes before she pulls off my towel and precedes to owo on her knees while I'm still sitting. I can't explain how amazing her technique is! She uses a lot of variation of deepthroat, ball licking and sloppy tongue action. I've not been with many wg's but I've been with a few girls at my age and this was definitely the best bj I've ever had and I felt like a sloppy mess already. All thoughts of time wasting went out the window with that!

We decided to get on the bed with more dfk before some more owo, then off with her panties with for some RO as we lay in 69. She was fully shaven down below with small lips and cute areshole. This went on for a bit with some fingering until she orgasmed, this led to some more kisses and cuddles as she lays there recovering.

Sex was next in the agenda. She got a condom out and did the same thing Nadia does! Bonus.
She started rummaging around her bedside drawers and uttered something in polish then apologised again and left the room. Here came back the thoughts of time wasting again. When she came back she seemed depressed so I asked what's the matter to which she replied that she had only a little bit of lube left and that Amanda has also run out and started saying everything is going so bad for her today and one thing after another keeps happening. Alarm bells were ringing from the stories I've read on UKP. Apologising she leaves the room again momentarily before returning with £60 in her hand and said its a refund with all the time wasted. Turns out I was too overly cautious with some of the stories on here and maybe found myself a gem.
We begin again when she says we should just do it, as she lay in missionary I enter her and my god I see why needs it! She is very tight and highly enthusiastic thrusting her hips no matter the position, which is surprising as I'm quite average she said she's been working a few years. We continue in all sorts of positions and even made use of the sofa. After a while I saw the time and it was 3.15 there were only 15 mins left but nothing was mentioned and we carried on going. Not longer after I suggested to finish with cim and she willingly obliged with great enthusiasm.

By now the time was 3.30 and SHE suggested we try anal as I'd completely forgotten I had paid for it. She leaves the room and says she's going to prepare her arse for me, I was already on cloud 9. Is there a 10?
When she came back she gave some more owo and put on another condom on with her mouth when I got hard again. She bent over lazy dog style and guided me in, this felt great. Shame though as I was already tired out and couldn't pop again. After we finished we just laid there in each other's arms with some more kissing.
I thought to myself what a cracker I had where I had such an amazing time actually spending more time than I paid for and receiving a fantastic servicing.

Then came the downer.

As I noticed the time was over 4pm and I needed to get back soon I made a move for my bottle of water. As I was drinking she said to me "you're very nice guy" so I thanked her. She then says she doesn't like it when guys are nice to her and then starts talking about how the day has been so horrible and until now. Thinking nothing of it I said everyone has bad days to which she softly  replies she works for 5 agencies and starts tearing up. By this point I'm thinking "oh shit".
We both have a cigarette in the kitchen under the extractor fan and me hopefully clued up enough to not do things like give them money for sob stories, I ask her what's got her so down. Trying to hold back the tears she starts saying how she has to set limits or she'd go crazy (doing circular motions to her head) and how she has to work too much. She also hints at not having a choice either through control of a pimp or pressure from the agencies. but not going into detail.
Not knowing what to say and afraid to ask why she doesn't leave, we part ways with a kiss and cuddle.

This punt left me exhausted physically as well as mentally at the end. It's a shame though as she is such a nice woman.


Returned £60 when she thought the session was interrupted too much
No clock watching (She let time run on far longer than booked. I reckon I could of milked another 30 mins but didn't want to take the piss)
Relaxed and unrushed service
Lots of dfk throughout the entire session
Fantastic owo/cim technique
Very intimate like a real gf
Great arse
Pert tits
Petite and toned in most areas
Suggestions given were met with much enthusiasm
Any position
Any hole


Older than her states profile
Facially not as attractive as her photos (Still pretty but the aging has definitely set in)
Should have prepared well in advance the things needed
Slight tummy


Overall Great experience with a lovely woman, she was up for anything once it got going. The only shame was overworking has caused a bit of strain on her mentally. I'll probably see her again in a few weeks time to see if things have changed.


I have seen.her and your review re service particularly oral is pretty much there.  First time saw her she was late but gave me £20 back first and only time that has happened. She sounds like she needs a break and she is pretty full on once at full throttle. Also price gone up this year.

Hi slow and low, it was actually one of your posts that made me book her when I saw her on Diva website.  :thumbsup:

Yes it sounded like she needed a real but for some reason said couldn't.

She always come across as a decent young lady when I've seen her but sounds like she is getting burnout. She does provide an excellent service, her owo is superb and she doesn't clockwatch.

Shame about the Sad ending.
I saw her a few years ago and thought she was an excellent punt and a nice girl. Only slightly resembles the pictures however. She kept sticking her finger up my arse! Excellent BJ and cim
I've seen a few girls who breakdown during or after a punt. Always sad and makes me think that fucking who ever walks through the door is not easy and pretty much goes against what society classes as decent behaviour. There are many threads on here regarding "damaged" WGs
I think 99% of them probably are. It's a shame as most of them are nice girls.
It's easier being a punter

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