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Author Topic: London / Hot blonde lena  (Read 2726 times)

10 review(s) for xLena (6 positive, 1 neutral, 3 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

https://www.adultwork.com/2746957 or https://www.adultwork.com/hot+blonde+lena

Great communication. After initially politely emailing Lena, we quickly arranged the meeting - I confirmed via text on the day.
(Directions were clear, and it was easy to find, and discreet.)

Met Lena in flat she uses in London.
It was nice, clean, tidy, and had a calming ambience.
It was safe and discreet.
It was easy to find and close to local public transportation.

Lena is friendly and outgoing. She really puts you at ease. Which made the whole encounter go smoothly. This is a really valuable quality.
Lena is a genuine person, which makes her quite endearing. You get a feel for her personality, and if you are a sensitive or perceptive person, you will be touched by this. So it is really nice to interact with her, because she is really down to earth.

It was a basic vanilla session which included french kissing, protected penetrative sex and cunnilingus.

When Lena opened the door, she looked great and was so welcoming. Lovely 'girl next door' type. Lovely smile (she has a lovely playful smile too, as I found out later). She greeted me warmly and was wearing a lovely dress. The photos are accurate (smooth skin, long blonde hair and ample chest). She offered me a shower and fresh towel, which I took.

Act 1
After, she offered me a drink, and I asked if we could sit together on the bed. I wanted to talk a little more before kissing her.

After a few minutes, feeling even more relaxed and at ease, she put my drink down and with a bright smile said, 'It is nice to chat but you didn't come here to talk'...

I said I wanted to take things slowly and began kissing her. I wanted to actively participate in making it an enjoyable session, so started kissing her neck and under hear ear, slowly kissing her cheek and forehead, before getting closer to her lips; kissing each lip... We slowly started to organically french kiss. It felt like a girlfriend experience. (Note: this involved my active participation, kissing in a way that slowly lead into french kissing, including teasing, to spur her on - where each person's desire spurs on the other until they each become more intense - until we became 'entangled', as it were. This way it felt real, brought back memories of the past, and made me moan with pleasure.)

From there, Lena undressed more and I started kissing her legs and bum and the rest of her smooth body all over, building up to going down on here, kissing her legs, and then kissing and licking thighs and getting teasingly close..

Act 2
Lena then took control and we had protected sex (missionary).

Act 3
After this I returned to finish what I had started earlier, and started licking and kissing her thighs again, moving closer and away from her vagina (which is lovely), until finally starting to kiss it. Using lots of saliva as a 'lubricant', finally started sucking her labia (until it became engorged) and then her clit (until she started grabbing my head and moving her body in response), after having tongue-fcuked her.

So what was really nice was this transition where she really started to enjoy all this. It can take a while to bring a woman to a heightened state of arousal. And all this was a real turn on for me too. Suddenly feeling her hand grab my head/hair and her hips move was totally hot. Because it felt real.

I was offered a shower afterwards, and we chatted for a few minutes longer before I left.

It was a very happy experience. Couldn't have gone better. Kissing continued throughout the session, which was nice.

My interest was in pleasing her, and Lena was a bit disappointed that I did not give her more of a chance to please me. You might like to query first what she is more into (perhaps she is more into 'taking control', from what someone else has written on an AW field report).
But she was understanding and accommodating of my fantasy and desire to build up genuine mutual pleasure, as well as to try to provide her a 'boyfriend experience' of genuine sexual pleasure for her. A strange approach, many will perhaps think - but you may find that it can be surprisingly satisfying, at the time and again and again later, upon reflection...  ;)

10 review(s) found for xLena linked to in above post (6 positive, 1 neutral, 3 negative)

Wow - she's a keeper.

You should write for Mills and Boon.

Offline Duke L

I like all the pretty colours you've used.

I like all the pretty colours you've used.

Yes the OP uses these as a metaphor for a veritable rainbow of emotions that he experienced in Lena's embrace.

If my wife ever leaves me (e.g., having decrypted my computer password and discovering my posts on this site) then it will surely be to Lena's arms that I shall run to, to rediscover lost and most tender feelings.

What does UKE mean? UKE is short for www.UKEscorting.com

Offline PLeisure

This review is entirely unrelated to her previous Neg review, surely

[ooh,,,,, harsh colour, 'bro]

Offline The_Don

This review reads like, acts in a play !

Wow - she's a keeper.

 :sarcastic: :wackogirl: 

That you have award:

This review is entirely unrelated to her previous Neg review, surely

[ooh,,,,, harsh colour, 'bro]


Nice play on colours
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