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Author Topic: Exeter Massage Centre  (Read 5061 times)

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Offline Mij


OK ok......I know I said I wouldn't go back there again (see https://www.ukpunting.com/index.php?topic=69765.0), but it was at the end of a frustrating day! Plan A was a trip over to Barnstaple to see Sweet Kym, but she never responded after her initial texts, then Redhead Horny Babe was busy, so found myself in Exeter not a million miles away from the massage centre on South St. Walked past it to see who was on the desk...from previous experience, whoever is on the desk is the one you get. Old woman was sat there looking grumpy...so carried on down the road and popped into a shop to grab a drink and top up my punting phone. Quick check on AW to see if anyone else was around, but nothing, so decided to go home. Had to walk past the shop again on my way...and wait! Gorgeous young thing sat there now, so looked like a return to plan C.

However, anyone who knows this place knows it's right by a bus stop....and by the looks of it, the bus was overdue as must have been about 20-30 people all milling around the stop and by the shop fronts, including the massage place, so no way I was walking in right then...so I hung around with them, looking in the other shop windows. After about 5 mins a bus came and all but one bloke got on it, so waited until the bus had gone and the flow of passing pedestrians had ebbed, and walked in.

Really nice you woman...pleasant smile. Asked me how long...went for the hour at £45. Paid at the counter and was shown into the same room as before. Then the previous, older grumpy woman came in, and the young girl returned to the front desk.  :scare: :dash: :dash: I said I thought the other woman was doing the massage, but was told no, she just works out front. Fuck!

I was there now, so thought sod it, and just stripped off and lay on the table. "Hard, medium or soft massage dahhhhling?" she asked? "Just medium please" I replied. Fuck me! Glad I didn't ask for the hard one. She's not a little woman and put a lot of weight behind it, climbing up on the table at a couple of points....bones cracking everywhere and a few involuntary whimpers from me when she pushed really hard on some points. Decent massage though. Uses hot oil, not baby oil. After about 30 mins, she wipes me down with paper towels first, and then REALLY hot wet towels / flannels, then dries me off.

Then a couple of minutes or so of very light, finger tip massage over my back and legs, eventually moving to between my thighs, then up to my cock and ballsack....very nice! She asks me to flip over, then called me a a naughty boy whilst laughing as my cock was waving around in the air by this point!  :D "You like handjob, dahhhling?" she asks whilst making the appropriate gesture....but with two hands! Blimey...this might be a bit rough I think, remembering the strength of her back massage. "er..yeah, why not!" I reply, and shut my eyes....

...and now the reason for the positive review....

What followed was a good 30-40 mins of what probably has to have been the best hand job I've ever had! (....and I've had more than a few!) Loads of attention paid to all of the different parts, some long and slow, some circling and teasing, lots of edging. Very similar to a few of the tantric-style massages I've had. No quick rub and tug here. My asshole got a lot of attention too and there was a finger up my bum at the end and her thumb massaging the base of my ballsack whilst she wanked me off with her other hand...sounds weird but felt great. Had one hand on her ass, and the other behind my head.....and when I came, I hit my own elbow as it whizzed passed my head!  :lol: She was laughing at that, saying "your baby oil going everywhere dahhhling!"

Another wipe down with paper and hot towels, before yet another fingertip massage all over whilst complimenting me on my body "mmmm...very clean....very nice and strong too!", and she kept playing with my cock too...waggling it around...maybe on for a second round, but it was definitley in "resting mode" at this point, and we were well over the hour by now as well. Eventually she said..."ok, all done now". Sometimes I struggle to get off the bed after a massage (legit or otherwise)....don't know if that's a common thing or just me, but this time, no probs at all....sprung up no probs! :-)

Got dressed and handed over the £20 extra, then said our goodbyes and I left. Was in there about 80 mins in total. Forgot to ask her name which was a bit silly, but did find out that she works there every monday in the afternoon / evening at least, so will know when to return.

Just goes to show, sometimes age, experience and technique is better than youth,  a pretty face and body!

Just don't ask her for a "hard massage".....


Offline lewis666

If only the girls on the website page actually worked there I'd be straight down but you sure are giving the Chinese market a working through for us  :lol:

Offline Mij

Yeah...think it's a phase I'm going through! :-)

Have had 14 Chinese "erotic" massages since mid July now, with 10 different masseuses!

Maybe need to have a run now of proper punts?  :D

Good review.............I might try a few more, it's a good break from punting.

Offline tqrunner

Mij, have you ever frequented the Chinese Massage place in Newton Abbot?

No idea what they offer, just I have seen it a few times on VS and GT

Offline Mij

No I haven't...didn't know it existed to be honest!

Send me a link and I'll give it a go and let you know...seem to be on a roll these days! :D


Offline Mij


Went again the other night. Saw a different woman yet again...older, but smiley...prob mid-40s.

Decent massage to start, then she offered B2B for £40 which was actually very good. Lots of body contact...encouraged me to suck her tits and nipples, and a very nice tit-wank. Then she started grinding against my cock, moving higher up, then suggested FS for an extra £20. Who was I to decline? Suspect I could have haggled it down to £10, but was enjoying myself so didn't bother. On with the hat, applied with her mouth and a short OW before swapping positions and taking her from behind while she leaned against the massage table. She actually had quite a nice pert bum!

Once finished, back on to the table and she cleaned me up, then carried on with the massage...went about 10 mins over the hour.

All in all a good experience!  :cool:


can vouch for this one - only I should have had a wank first as it didnt take long for me to cover her hand in hot cum

Offline brandevon

wouldnt mind the link for the newton one as well if thats ok.

Offline grant_82

Hi All,

Yes interested in the Newton Abbot 'Chinese massage'

can't find any sign of it online.

Offline Aerial89

Has anyone been here recently? Looking to go sometime soon. is it still up to scratch and what extras are available?

Offline Cornish sub

Wish to fuck we had something like this in Cornwall.

Offline Dustybin

Wish to fuck we had something like this in Cornwall.
[know what you mean sub closest I got to that down here was a lady called milf Sara saw her for a rub and tug in July I think. Was ok bit of titty sucking and French kissing too. That was in Plymouth though.

Her AW profile Went not long after I seen her hope it wasn't me that put her off.

Sorry got the quote thing wrong again  :angry:
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