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Author Topic: Sweet_Chanel Leytonstone - only here one week - get her while you can  (Read 1135 times)

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I really fancied a taste of chocolate this weekend. Been ages since Ive been with a black girl. Normally I write them off because in my experience they fancy themselves a little too much - they generally price themselves higher than Thai girls who are my particular weakness and in my experience this is never justified. Ive yet to find a black girl that outperforms a good Thai escort.

However every now and then I see a profile on AW where the price/performance index appears to tip in their favour.

I spotted one such girl this weekend on AW. Hourly rate was £120, half hour £60 which any ebony fanciers will know is quite reasonable - an easy 10/15mins journey from my house and all the services I like... hmmm so far so good.

So I make a call. Overall I rate this experience as a positive but the first of the negatives kicked in when I spoke to her.

On her enjoys list she has CIM down. This is normally a deal breaker for me - so when I phone up to enquire Im usually always careful to check this is on the menu. Lo and behold it turns out she doesn't do this. Why, oh why do girls do this? Really winds me up.

Now normally this would be enough for me to scrub a WG off my hotlist however she looked from her pics like a beautiful black girl she had at least been honest enough at the phone stage and the thing that tipped the balance for me was she confirmed her photos were genuine and although she didn't do CIM she did agree to a facial finish.

Hmmm, now my interest was piqued. There's nothing more sexy than decorating a girls face - but when you have that lovely contrast of creamy white cum against silky black skin…

Needless to say I ended up taking a gamble and booking her for half an hour after confirming her price is £60 for half an hour.

Hotfooted my way over to Leytonstone. Flat was in the upper floor of a big victorian residential terraced house. Very safe, very suburban - so far so good.

Let in by Chanel who was dressed in a spotty dressing gown with nothing but lingerie underneath and ushered into the bedroom. First impressions - very good. I couldn't 100% confirm its definitely the girl in the pics but if it isn't she's really not far off. Facially I found her very pretty - a good body. Lovely tits, slightly heavier in the bottom department than the pics seem to indicate but certainly not fat. In fact her whole body was lithe and toned and she had very silky smooth black skin. All in all I was impressed by what I saw.

Then the second of the negatives. I'd agreed £60 for half an hour but the facial finish is an 'extra' which will cost me another £20 I'm now told - oh for fucks sake!!…

In the past I have walked out of punts for this kind of treatment, but I have to admit to being just a little bit beguiled by her. She'd kissed me full on the lips when I walked in which had got my attention and she was very pretty and to confirm she was worth it she flashed me the contents underneath her dressing gown, letting me feel her arse and lower back - god she felt good. My resolve was weakening. In the end I agreed, but would admit if I had known she was going to be £80 for half an hour I might not have trekked out to this part of London and might have explored some cheaper options closer to home.

Still, I was here now and was determined to make the best of it.

Punt begins with me sat on the edge of the bed while she gives me a bit of noshing. Visually this was a real treat. Seeing my cock disappearing into this pretty black girls mouth will stay in my wank bank for a while. Pace was a bit too fast for my liking I like really slow and sensual. So at several points I stopped her and directed the speed and depth I wanted by grabbing the back of her head and gently guiding her to what I like. This was taken in good part.

I went down on her - and she seemed to enjoy my attentions. Got good and wet and at several points she grabbed my head in turn to direct the pace she liked which was nice - I like a girl that enjoys her work.

Some more oral on me including some ball licking and tongue action on my bell end at my request then condom on she goes on top. A lovely sight as she bounces around on top of me. I squeeze her beautiful black breasts alternating between sucking them and kissing her neck and shoulders. I try to kiss her full on on the lips and it seems kissing is now off as she turns her head to the side - another demerit here but by this point I was enjoying myself too much for it to matter.

We change positions and I wanted her to go for doggy - really wanted to grab her round the hips and pull her onto me while looking down onto her lithe black back. For some reason this was a problem for her so I went on top instead. Still it was nice as I had her pretty face to stare into instead.

Eventually I could feel the end of my time was approaching - so condom off I got her to agree to me straddling her chest while I shoved my cock in and out of her mouth for the facial finish. She was originally really mistrustful thinking I was going to go for a cheeky CIM but I assured her I that I wanted to visit her again so didn't want to piss her off.

I thrust away into her warm wet mouth and start to feel the sap rising so warn her my delivery of man-gifts is on its way. Pull out and she closes her eyes as I streak her face with 3 hot wet jets of cum over her cheeks lips and chin. What a lovely sight. I have to grab her arm from applying the wet wipes too soon. I want to take in the sight properly first. Its lovely, just as I had hoped cum dribbles down her cheeks and chin and spots of cum decorate her lovely black breasts. The contrast of pearly white cum and her ebony skin is a sight to behold. Another great image filed for the wank bank - click. Eventually I let her clean up and we finish with her giving me a lovely warm embrace on the bed and then I'm out of there.

So all in all a positive from me, despite the few negatives here and there.
If you want a pretty black girl to give you owo with a nice facial finish I'd say she definitely worth a punt.
It was largely a functional exchange but there were a few moments which felt GFE especially when I was going down on her.

Confirmed she was here only for one week more. So you'll need to move fast if you want to see her.

She's from Cuba by heritage and lives in Barcelona - so once she's earned a bit of pocket money she's heading back to the land of paella and sangria. Get her while you can.

1 review(s) found for Sweet_Chanel linked to in above post (1 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline LL

Good detailed review. I've only ever fucked on black girl but I agree - seeing the contrast of your white jizz over black skin is quite satisfying.

Offline ramrodronnie

Thanks for the good, comrehensive Review MrMohican. She does state that CIM is At Discretion. We see this terminology "At Discretion" almost all of the time with WGs whether they're black, or otherwise. I am certain that this terminology "At Discretion" Is used to lure us punters in, so that they can either charge extra for Discretionary sevices, or refuse the service altogether, because they just want to lure us in to get the booking. This I am am absolutely convinced is a tactic that most WGs use. IMO It is bad practice, and a con trick for sure. Given that, I personally would have given this girl a Neutral at best, even though she does seem to be Very attractive, and sexy.  But If you feel that she deserves a Positive MrMohican. Then obviously that is you're perogative.   :hi:
Banning reason: Undesirable

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