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Author Topic: Ceryshollyjones - Oxford  (Read 813 times)

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Offline Dingo1

Well four girls in four days, must be a record for me even if it has made the bank balance creak a little!!

Today's offering was Ceryshollyjones

This was a strange one for me, the coms and service were great and in most ways it was a fantastic time but something just didn't click for me so with that in mind I am going to try and be as matter as fact as I can otherwise I feel I would be putting an unfair biased on the review.

Location: Oxford - One of the usual Peartree hotels A34
Duration: 30 minutes
Price: £80 - for GFE/PSE  (otherwise basic service is £60).

I text Cerys in the morning and got a reply back an hour or so later and made the booking for late morning, explained what I would like and off I went.  Called her from the car park and directed to her room where she opened the door before I had even knocked.

I didn't feel Cerys lived up to her profile, she was a little larger than I expected but by no means overweight but right on the upper edge of what I like.  Her tits are small for her frame and she has quite large labia. Cerys was dressed In a long dress with a quite nice all in one underwear thing underneath(I don't really know what it was!!)

Anyway, DFK was more than flowing and was very good, alot of sounds of enjoyment and a lot of wandering hands.  Both stripped each other off and Cerys said we should go in front of the mirror for OWO.  This is the first time in my punting history a girl has actually recommended this.  The OWO was good, wet and at times quite deep although this wasn't on her likes (I am not that huge so on me this is not that hard).  She was not adverse to me thrusting a bit and taking the lead while holding her hair.

Over to the bed and she produced a glass dildo and fucked herself with it while sucking me off, this was something I requested before the booking so was impressed she had remembered/taken note.. So often girls ask me what I like although they have already agreed to it in the booking  :dash:

On with the rubber and Cerys suggested the positions that would give us the best angles to see me sliding inside of her this was back up with a good amount of dirty talk.  Again at Cerys' suggestion back to the mirror so, I quote, "you can cum in my mouth and watch me dribble on my tits and rub your hot spunk all over me" :thumbsup:.. I thought this was something I had to convince a SP to do! As promised this is how the meeting concluded.

Cerys has quite a unique personality which is quite scatty and ditsy, although I don't think this is an act or a show just for the bookings, in the getting dressed conversation she is really normal and very interesting.

Facially I did't find Cerys attractive and with her describing herself as a lingery model I was expecting something different but on the whole the service provided was top notch and I actually feel bad for not completely feeling it. 

Would I return? Regretaby I don't think I would.  But I hope hope my review didn't put other off as she is actually a really sweet girl.

11 review(s) found for MissCHJ linked to in above post (9 positive, 1 neutral, 1 negative)

Offline Cunning Punt

Another great review, Dingo. Never mind the bank balance, not sure I could manage 2 girls in 4 days, let alone four.

This is the latest in a line of good reviews of Cerys, she sounds great. Your review of her has not put me off; quite the opposite. I will certainly book her next time she is Oxford, Reading or Heathrow.

She may not be a stunner but as long as a girl is not a complete minger, then I'd rather have an average looking girl providing a great service rather than a great looking girl providing a crap service.

Offline Dingo1

Never mind the bank balance, not sure I could manage 2 girls in 4 days, let alone four.
It's a tough job but someone's gotta do it!  :cool:

I think your right though, the service is ultimatly what it's about... If it was all about looks I guess we'd still be knocking one out over FHM like we were teenagers again!!  In heinsight I think I got a little greedy and was burnt out today!  I think I need a break for a week or so but being as there has been such a drougt in Oxford it's been a bit carpe diem.

Offline Lewis

Was aiming to see her Saturday evening, but her phone was switched off (profile says she works until late). I tried txt'ing her but didn't get a reply until Sunday afternoon "I'm available in Oxford today". Unfortunately I wasn't anywhere near Oxford on Sunday.

Quite refreshing to see an English (ok Welsh - lol) girl advertising in Oxford instead of the usual Romanians. Trouble is, she's touring and won't be hear long.

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