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Author Topic: LadyAvaCoco - outcall (based in Brighton)  (Read 306 times)

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I met Ava recently for an outcall after she bid on a reverse booking.  She stood out from the rest of the bids because she had clearly read what I was looking for and made relevant comments in her reply.  She also responded promptly to emails and overall communications were good, plus I liked her profile, so I accepted her bid. 

On the day, Ava had trouble with traffic so arrived late to mine, but she let me know as soon as she could, so being a little late was not a problem.  Personality wise, Ava was very much what I expected from her profile - she's confident and talkative, and likes a laugh.  Looks wise, I would say that the age in the profile is accurate, and I would say she has kind of girl (of 35) next door looks.  Wouldn't have attracted a second glance coming to my place.

So far so good then - so why only a neutral?  Well, the first thing is that although her pictures are accurate, they are also flattering (notice the placement of hands and arms across the lower abdomen, shots taken from behind or wearing a shirt - in this case covering stretch marks and a saggy 'mummy tummy').  So that was a bit disappointing when the clothes came off.

I also felt as though I had to make all the running in the bedroom - I prefer it if that is not the case and effectively you both respond to each other.  I don't know if maybe we just didn't hit it off or whether she would be better with role play than a normal GFE kind of meeting, but I did feel awkward having to constantly suggest what we should do next.  From her profile and our messages, I expected that it would be a meeting where things just flowed, but it didn't really happen like that.  It felt fairly mechanical as we moved from oral both ways to some tie and tease to sex (Ava was very specific about what positions she enjoyed, and I was past the point of arguing the toss).  I should say that Ava was OK with everything I asked for, and I believe her likes list is accurate.

The other reason for the neutral is that not only did she not turn her phone to silent, but when we were talking she spent long periods of time checking and replying to messages (and I didn't get the impression that there was some emergency behind them, she certainly wasn't rushing to leave early or anything, so I just felt it was a bit rude as while she was replying, conversation simply stopped).  I always think this is rude - I don't mind people quickly checking a message, but when you feel as though you're being ignored that's a different matter.

So overall I am giving Ava a neutral because on the positive side, communication beforehand was really good, the profile age is accurate, the likes list is accurate.  The pictures are a minor negative because although they are accurate, they are flattering in what they don't show (although I should also say that they don't do justice to her tits, which are something to behold!).  Service comes out as neutral for me because although the likes list is accurate, I felt as though I had to make all the running.  The absolute negative is the checking and responding to messages throughout the meeting to the point where I felt ignored.

I suppose a lot of this may just be that we didn't hit it off, and I was inwardly annoyed when the flattering nature of the pictures became apparent.  She has really good AW feedback and although that has to be taken with a pinch of salt, I guess that some people have had a good time with her.  All I know is that this was the first punt I have had for a while where as soon as she left I was angry with myself as I felt that overall it was a waste of money and I hadn't had a particularly good time. 
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1 review(s) found for LadyAvaSheridon linked to in above post (0 positive, 1 neutral, 0 negative)

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Profile confirms
Old, expensive & extensive use of photoshop to hide the ageing body  :thumbsdown:

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