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Author Topic: I have 5 questions!!!  (Read 3168 times)

Online Steve2

Define personal experience?

I have been around this and other forums for over a year now. And can see trends and patterns between negative and positive reviews.

The reason why forums like this exist is to share information. If someone has took this information and made conclusions to them then is that an ok opinion?

You do know most of the worlds and histories opinions are formed from using data others have collected.

With regards to my opinion I did say regarding the poor attitude of those charging over £140 "but not certain chance" (I did a typo on not).

Would you want to risk your expensive lottery to get the good one of the bunch? I certainly wouldn't.

Same goes for the £80 and under. Generally the consensus of (nearly) every review and everyone is that in this price range the punt will be a negative experience. You are one of those exceptions as you found a good punt at this price range, but you must admit you were seriously lucky by achieving that as its not the norm.

What I will say the trend of the absolute worst of the worst people on these forums. The one trend is they all charge over £150. I think there is a correlation. And when you saw them on the joke forum laugh and say that is so we get the most money for the littlest work so the fools on you. It spells out the situation well I think.

Sorry Anth, your logic is flawed

By personal experience I have found quite a few good ones at £60/hr

Offline Melb

Cheapest place where large groups of girls congregate...

Newcastle on a Friday night. Buy a few WKDs, walk her home, bag of chips on the way.
Bada Bing Bada Boo

Online Steve2

Maybe Steve is very easily pleased, I am not.

Joe, ask yourself this, why does Chelsea of Watford charge £190 an hour and not £80 an hour, because she is a five star hooker that's why.    ;)

Because there are guys out there that think £190 an hr is the going rate. Good luck to her if she can get that rate REGULARLY but luckily there is plently of choice locally for us poorer punters at a more acceptable price:)

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