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Author Topic: Sofia of London - Bayswater - Nice GFE but overpriced at £250  (Read 1278 times)

2 review(s) for sofialondon (2 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

1 hour £250
Incall in Bayswater, London
Petite, curvy, sexy, friendly, chatty brunette who made sure it was a good meeting with a sensual GFE. I was very new so it was very vanilla but I can't blame her for that. I agonised a little on the rating. Is this a positive because I had a good time knowing what I knew then or is it a neutral based on how I know far more now about what's available thanks to UK Punting? In the end I went for positive with some caution over the price.

I chose Sofia as she markets herself really well, has a lot of good reviews and an excellent website. I didn't expect her to look quite as glamourous as her photos and wasn't disappointed. I thought she was pretty. N.B. I booked Sofia before I had come across UK Punting.
I called her, she asked to call me back in a few minutes, did so and we booked. She asked a few questions to work me out but it didn't feel awkward. She told me she'd text me on the morning of the meet to confirm. I replied and got her address. However she had to postpone the first meeting due to car trouble with almost 3 hours to go (which left me with no plan B and meant I was available when Olivia Rose offered to move our slot forward). She apologised and we rearranged with no fuss for the following week.
Sofia has a cosy basement flat a short walk from Bayswater tube. It's a nice area as soon as you escape the cesspool around the tube station. I grabbed a coffee as I had got there early. She asked me to get to a door and call so she could see me from her window and then guide me down the stairs to her door. Her place is nicely decorated. Sofia said she designed it herself. The shower was small but was nice.
She’s got curves and curves but she's quite firm. Pretty but not intimidatingly so with large natural 34DD breasts.
The meet
Sofia took her time to settle us, fixed me a drink and kept the conversation flowing. I had my shower and Sofia was waiting to take me to bed. Kissing and touching, OWO before the condom. She took her time and made it last. I came in missionary with Sofia encouraging me with dirty talk. The whole thing was very sensual, very relaxed, very skilled.

We spoke for a while and she's really interesting, funny and worldly.
I only had time for one round so took another shower while she got dressed to go out for the evening and she saw me out.
I wouldn't pay £250 for that experience knowing what I now know thanks to UKP but at the time I left thinking it was positive. Importantly, this was less than a week after my first punt so I was still incredibly new. This colours my review considerably. My last review on Olivia Rose of London was a positive from me but not as positive from more experienced punters. Fair enough. This could well be the same case here with Sofia.

On a personal note, I realised afterwards that my nerves and newness had meant I had inadvertently ended up turning my first two punts into very cool and sensual GFEs when in reality I was looking for something very different. I just didn't know it at the time and maybe needed to have those experiences to realise. I can't hold Sofia responsible for that though. She's not a mind reader. She delivered what she promised, was great fun, put in the effort and so it doesn't feel right to give her less than a positive recommendation. I realise that £250 for the first hour is far too much for that experience now though. Sofia can charge what she wants but I wouldn't return at that price point. If I visited her now for that price it would probably be a neutral.

2 review(s) found for sofialondon linked to in above post (2 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

Totally over priced for a mature lady who has been around the scene forever! Another English girl who thinks she is super special.

Would not call that a positive, neutral seems about right!

Offline GBush

Dress size 12
Not that good looking

It just doesn't add up

Sorry to state the obvious but she's £130 p/h over priced.
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Offline yuiop300

Totally over priced for a mature lady who has been around the scene forever! Another English girl who thinks she is super special.

Would not call that a positive, neutral seems about right!

I wouldn't pay £250 an hr but if people keep on paying and she can still get clients at this price point.

Offline GBush

35 AW reviews in 42 months would suggest she's not getting much from AW

She probably works the agency circuit to get her bread a butter from the foreign visitors in the West End hotels.

With so much fantastic choice on AW in London at well less than half the price I just don't get it.
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