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Author Topic: Fernanda69Massage+ Edinburgh  (Read 1307 times)

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You know how when you're punting you often think thank fuck I don't live here.  The housing scheme, the new build flat no one wants to live in, the less than des-res tenement.  Well with Fernanda69Massage+ you'll have to deal with a different question.  How the fuck is she working from this place?  It's a palatial EH10 mansion, you turn up follow the instructions to the front door, all the time I was thinking this can't be right.  You get to the front door there's a wee knob by the door says "pull" so I do, I'm not sure what to expect, I'm thinking some Mum's net MILF and I'm going to have to do an "I'm sorry wrong address routine" or a butler from Downton.  Turns out that after leaving me hanging for a short while it's......

A Brazilian hottie, but not the one I'd booked, it was https://www.adultwork.com/3170129 . Fuck she was hot slim, bubble butt, stripper heals, big enhanced rack on a small frame, cute face, nice stocking set and blonde hair.  She gave me a kiss at the door then showed me to a huge room huge double bed, massage table and an inflatable mattress, she asks me to wait.  I wait a moment then Fernanda69Massage+ comes into the room.  She looks me over and gives me the impression she likes what she sees, I give her £60 for a 30min Nuru and we kiss.  She mimes that £60 gets me Nuru and my cock sucked, it's more for a fuck, she's quite good at mime.  I look confused then say "fuck" she smiles and holds up 7 fingers and a thumb.  I give her an extra £20, having seen her I really wanted to fuck her.  In many ways she's really similar to the girl I met at the door.  Fernanda69Massage+ showed me to the shower.

I came back into the room and she got undressed and I got on the Nuru air bed.  She got down between my legs and splashed warm gel all over my back and arse.   At this point it all becomes a bit of a blur as I found it a bit overwhelming (in a good way).  Fernanda69Massage+ slid her whole body up and down on mine, only stopping to apply more gel, It was like a giant slippery dry hump.  At one stage she ground her bald twat into the back of my neck, I started to feel quite spaced out by it.  As she slid up and down she'd kiss me as I turned to watch her.  After a while I turned over and realised my cock was really really hard, she slid up and down me sometimes facing me other times with her bubble arse sliding into my face.  It was so good that I was starting to loose my grip on reality I found it so stimulating.  At some stage she started taking my cock in her mouth each time she slid down towards my crotch.  Eventually she got a rubber and sat on my cock, with all the gel it slid in so easy, I didn't last long and came so hard I thought my balls had turned inside out.

I had a shower and left.  To round up I found Nuru an amazing experience, and Fernanda69Massage+  she didn't seem to hold back and despite the almost total lack of English she gave a really good service.  Towels were very fluffy.   

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Nice review. Had a great threesome there last year with https://www.adultwork.com/2892208 and another girl who's no longer listed. I know what you mean, was wondering the same when I arrived, but somehow the big house adds to the mystery and indulgence of it all.

Once you handed over the extra 20 was she quite forthcoming with all other services she has listed - DFK etc?

Also, who would say was better looking overall? Fernanda, the girl you got, or Sabrina, the one that let you in?

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I don't know about everything she has listed, kissing, owo and fucking were all very natural, we didn't kiss loads just as part of the massage.  If she wasn't into what we were doing then I would say she took pride in her work and really wanted to deliver a good service.

I would find it hard to choose between them, Sabrina's photos are pretty accurate, Fernanda is better looking than her photos suggest.  Body wise they are really similar.

Great review...

How much did this fun cost?


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