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Author Topic: Janbush review - mature lady that's been on Adultwork for ages  (Read 997 times)

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This is my first post. I've been seeing escorts for over 10 years now and never got involved with a forum but reading the reviews is very helpful in finding the right escorts so I thought I'd start to contribute.

I love anal and Jan really stood out for me. If you're into this kind of thing I'd recommend her.

https://www.adultwork.com/JanBush or https://www.adultwork.com/1367562

There is nothing for Janbush but there should be so here goes:

I emailed her on adultwork saying I'd like to book her for 1 hour and wanted to spend most of it just rimming, fingering and fucking her arse, is that ok? Bit extreme but wanted to see what her reaction was. She emailed back saying that's fine and make a booking via adultwork if I wanted to see her. So a green light for what I wanted. Made the booking, spoke to her and she sounded ok - standard English middle aged woman. I also asked her to answer the door to me naked. She just said, "we'll see". Again, testing where her limits were but it wasn't a "no" atleast!

So I found her place which is a decent enough looking council Estate in Seaford. Not particularily rough. Parked up and walked to the front door. Jan opened the door, greeted me nicely with eye contact and a smile and told me to come in. She wasn't naked but just had a t-shirt on so you could see her unshaved vagina. She said, "your a bit early I'm still getting ready". I ignored the fact she wasn't naked - I was here now and just wanted to get up inside her as it was a long drive from Surrey!

Looks wise she's not bad for a 50 year old. It's my thing, mature ladies, so I'm into it but others won't be. She has long blonde, greying slightly. Slight double chin, and an ok looking face. Probably a size 16-18. If she was a celebrity I would liken the face to Felicity Kendal (in her good days) with an underactive thyroid so put on a bit of weight.

The tits are really interesting as they are big and just point straight down. They are different and add to the experience in my opinion. Her pussy and arse are unshaved which I like and part of the appeal.

We went into the bedroom and she told me to take a seat on the bed while she got ready and asked if I wantd a drink and then disappeared off into the bedroom.

Shortly afterwards she reappears and says she's ready (still wearing the t shirt) and closes the door behind her. I get up off the bed and told her I've driven a long way to see her, walk up to her and kiss her. She seemed really into it. She's a good kisser and enthusiatic and while we were kissing I reached around her back and down to her bum. Still kissing I parted her arse cheeks and started to rub my finger over her arsehole. She didn't flinch and let me do it. I stopped kissing her and said "do you like that?" and she just went "Mmmmm". So I spat on my finger and went back between her crack and put a finger straight up her arse. It was a perfect start and I knew she was going to let me do what I wanted (she had read my email anyway).

I then stripped her t shirt off. Gave her tits a quick fondle and then told her to lie on her front on the bed. She put herself in the doggy position which wasn't what I wanted and asked her to lie on her front again. She seemd a bit confused and looked round at me, then it must have twigged in her mind why - the only thing I can really do in that position is rim her. So she stared back at me with a sort of knowing look and did it. I got behind her and started to lick her hairy arse. Her unshaved arse was a real turn on, although I know I'm a bit unusual in this.

I wanted to put my tongue inside her arse so I got her to get in the doggy position and spread her arse cheeks apart so i could go in deeper. I wanked myself off. I started to tongue fuck her arse and she rocked back and forth onto my tongue. At one point I took my tongue out of her arse and got on the bed and kissed her which she did without an issue! She is filth.

Now I realised that she is very submissive, She knew it was going to be anal stuff but she didn't say or do anything without me asking her to do it. So there wasn't too much coming from her side. But that's fine!

I told her I was going to have anal sex with her next but there was no dirty talk back. She just said "make sure you get my arse ready and use lube". So not too sexy, more practical.

So I started to work a couple of fingers up her arse to open it up which she took easily. She looked round at me a few times and moaned a bit. I aksed where the lube was and she got up to get it. She then gave it to me and lay on her back on the bed and her tits drew me in as I hadn't really played with them properly. So this distracted me a bit. I started kissing her and playing with her tits. I put my hand between her legs and asked her to lift them up spread them open with her feet in the air. Carrying on the anal theme I put some lube on my fingers and found her arsehole and went back up inside it as we kissed. She was happy with this and carried on kissing me enthusiastically as I fingered her arse.

I then told her I wanted to give her anal-I love giving anal before vaginal- and told her to get on all fours. I was really hard and positioned it over the opening of her anus and started to push. It's pretty tight for an old lady in her 50's and I had to really push into her ring to get it started. She did gasp a bit but let me get on with it. She rocked back and forth a bit but she is so submissive that she didn't do or say much. I gave her long slow doggy anal for about 10 mins. I worked my cock in balls deep. I then pulled out of her bum and asked her to get on her back.

In all honesty the anal had got a bit messy which I'm fine with and there was some shit on the condom which she noticed as I got between her legs. But she is pretty dirty and didn't say anything which I like!

I went up her anus again missionary style. By now her arse was opened up and I kissed her as I moved the pace up a bit. At this point she actually did something! She started to play with her clit and she was getting really turned on. I started some dirty talk in between kissing her and then she really got into it. She started moving her hips towards me with each stroke so I could get deeper up her arse. At one point I asked her if all her clients give her anal and she said she hadn't done anal for months - which I thought was hot.

I carried this on for about 15 minutes until I got a bit tired and withdrew from her. I took the condom off and got her to kneel next to me (not sure she would have done ATM with that mess) and suck my cock while I fingered her arse some more. I eventually came on her tits.

The whole thing was quite intense and she is filthy but quite submissive and doesn't give a lot back. Ultimately she let me get on with it and it was a great punt. 9/10. It was £120 for the hour but I think her rates have gone down now to £75pw.

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