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Author Topic: Monica- Cloud9 massage  (Read 1613 times)

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First review from a long time lurker, so be gentle.

I saw Monica almost a month ago in the Paddington area, after I'd been let down by my first choice with only 45 mins notice.  I haven't seen her reviewed previously, but thought I'd try my luck, and as luck had it, she was available half an hour later.


Still can't make up my mind if it was her or not. The fact the girl I saw had dark hair rather than blonde didn't help.  I'll come back to this later.

'Tantric' massage for £120 for an hour. OW was quoted at an extra 30 but I didn't partake: it was the end of the day and I was tired, so a massage fit the bill.

Very gentle massage technique on my back: about 15 mins of gently hands, some thumbs, but not a huge amount of pressure.  Periodically did my legs too, with hands straying around my waist area as well.  Then about another 10 mins of gentle breast rubbing on my back.  Then a turn over.

When I turned over and she straddled me; removed her thong, and set about the happy ending.  20 mins of very slow, gentle hand relief and the job was done (with her being able to generate a surprising amount of distance and velocity!)  Pleasing amount of touching and caressing by me during that time too (although not intimate).

Shower before and after and on my way.

So: not certain about her identity, a (charitably) average massage, and good HE.  45 mins in total, with shower before and after.  Any extras, if they are available (and I'm not sure other than as noted above), appear to cost extra.  So why the positive?

Probably because she's one of the most beautiful creatures I've ever seen! Her profile on the site says height : 5ft 7.  I'd say she's closer to 5'10.  Site says she's a C cup.  I reckon D or DD. And natural too. Site says size 6? Check.  Site says Italian? Don't think so, I reckon southern Mediteranian perhaps? Really not sure, but I don't think Italian or Spanish.  or Romanian, Hungarian or Czech. Early 20's in age.  But f*ck me, her figure.  I thought this kind of thing only existed in comic books.  Best body I've ever seen first hand.  And she's got model looks.  Honestly, I might get the BHS lingerie catalogue out tonight (again) to look for her: she's THAT good looking.  And legs that go onto heaven, tight tummy, tight butt....

As I said at the top: I still, a month later, can't make up my mind if the agency picture is of her or not.  But what's beyond doubt in my mind is that she's even better (albeit different) looking. 

I'll be back, I should think: particularly when I want an hour of having a gorgeous young lady's full, undivided attention. 

(Hopefully this is a faithful representation, as the lawyers say.....)
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