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Author Topic: Overnight reverse bookings what sort of price should I set  (Read 329 times)

Offline Soprendo

As the title says, there's some good deals to be had in premier inns for the night in question £35 and I do rather fancy snuggling up to some young hottie for the night, yes I know all the arguments about paying someone to sleep etc, but that's my choice, I enjoy the extended relaxed booking, I'm not a big fan of the 30 minute or 1 hour quickie, I'm quite happy to pick up the tab for dinner as well.

Offline Dani

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Set the price you are willing to pay. No one else can know what rate you are happy with. Only you know that. Work out the maximum and minimum and settle in the middle somewhere

Offline James999

Well you've budgeted £35 for the room, add say another £10 to cover Dinner (McDonalds) so perhaps make the RB for £55 that way the whole evening works out at a round £100, and no hottie is going to turn down a night in a budget hotel and a maccy D's and a wedge of tax free cash  :thumbsup:

Be clear about how much sex you want. I set one in motion at £350 for sex, dinner, sex, sleep, sex, breakfast. I need my sleep as well.

I had plenty of honest bids at that price. I think what really tempted them was that I offered to cook them something. I'm a dab hand at beans on toast!

If you want to shag all night, be prepared to pay more.


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