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Author Topic: Janet Joy - I walked  (Read 1056 times)

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Cannot find the AW link anymore and did not save her number as I do not plan on re-visiting.

Visited Janet Joy (pornstar) a few days ago. Age on the profile of 29 was about right.
Paid £4 at the Park Inn at heathrow for parking. Good comms despite her english not being the best.

I did a search and Janet Joy popped up - new profile and registered the day before. Overall positive from the 5min "resarch" I could do on my phone.

Got to her room to be met by another lady. A blondie who was friendly and cute in a girl-next-door way, but then I wasn't there for her. She said Janet  was in the bathroom getting ready. Was getting a hard on just thinking about what she would be wearing. Blondie offered me a drink which I declined. Open suitcases and casual/sports clothes spread across the room.

I got thinking, 'where is the blondie going to go when the punt starts?'.

Ok, so I was expecting JJ  to look similar to her videos and pictures online.
Anyway, she walks out of the bathroom and I was underwhelmed to say the least. I tried searching online to find a pic for you guys that matches what she looked like on the day, but I cannot find one. It was definintely her, just no make-up at all and no tan, lighter hair colour and she was dressed in a t-shirt and joggers. She did look cute in a girl-next-door kind of way - naturally pretty (6.5/10) - but as she was completely covered up, there was no way I could see her figure. The contrast of a sultry dark haired beauty online and the very amateur nature of the set up I was presented with at the hotel was too too big for me.This disappointment took over my brain and I knew my cock wasn't going to recover no matter how good her services may have been.

At this point, the blondie (also dresssed in similar clothes to janet) went into the bathroom! I guess she was going to stay there during the punt lol.

Anyway, JJ tells me the prices. Off the top of my head, £100 for the hour + fiver for kissing and a tenner for owo. Again, very friendly and relaxed.

I said I need to get some more cash out and she asked if I was going to come back. I told her I would text her, and I did. Made up some bullshit about coming back another day. 

Straight to the car park and for the next half hour I practically rang every lady under the age of 35 working in Heathrow that day. I was even considering visiting Anabelle see my reviews)- who is gorgeous - but I couldn't justify spending £170 on her. No responses. Went back to work feeling a bit down that I didn't get to unload. However, later in the day I was very happy that I walked - something I have never done recently.

If she had more natural pictures on her profile that resembled how she looked on the day I saw her, and was priced at £100 for the hour inclusive of owo/fk, then I would consider seeing her.
Judging by the suitcases on the floor Perhaps I caught her on the day she had just checked-in.

If you want to punt with a genuine pornstar (this bit doesn't bother me that much) and friendly girl, and do not mind that she won't look as she does in her pics/vids, then you will probably have a decent punt. I'm sure she will resurface at some stage.

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Offline Fact

I saw the profile too and booked to see her. then 5 mins prior to arrival at Park Inn, asked if she kissed and OWO, yes, extra from her 1 hr at 70 to a total of 100. thought ok - will see. then I called to ask her to kiss dfk as i handed her the money. she failed to provide room number and i saved 100 from a girl obviously just going to take money and deliver fuck all....
Her pics did look quite hot with chained vest...
Couple of palours around heathrow area if you ever have to walk away again...search for them here or local paper.

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Offline mrx007

Seen a few movies of hers where she looks great getting anally destroyed and her face covered in muck but if she doesn't look like her pics I'd run. She's been around a while but the reviews are not good I think which is a warning....

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