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Author Topic: lena.sweet . Glasgow  (Read 825 times)

15 review(s) for lena.sweet (8 positive, 4 neutral, 3 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

Online guns

Fancied a quick put last night so called this girl at short notice .
I liked the look of her legs and tits , was a bit wary of the no face pics but booked anyway .
Was given the address for a flat in Tollcross .
I asked her on the phone if she would act out a fantasy for me where she is wearing leggings and high heels and i can rip a hole in them to fuck her which she had no probs with  :D :thumbsup: . ( i bought her a pair of leggings on the way over btw  :lol: )
Got to the address and it was a bit grubby looking outside tbh but i went in and was shown to the room which was clean enough .
She was wearing a little black dress and high heels , quite tall , probably about 5'11'' in the heels and quite pretty facially . Not a stunner but not a munter either . Age about 32 as she states .
Gave her the leggings to change into and i got undressed .
She came back in and we started with a bit of kissing . little bit of fk , and she took off her top to reaveal a great pair of tits .
She didn't mind me squeezing them and giving them a good suck and she started on some owo which was really good , bit of dt and sucking my balls and i lttle bit of spitting .
Asked her to start a hole in the leggings which she couldn't get which was pretty amusing so she went and used some scissors to mace a small hole .
Came back in and i had some more oral with me standing and her on her knees then i stood her up and bent her over and played with her pussy for a bit through the hole then ripped it a bit bigger . Lay her back on the bed and went down on her for a bit . Pussy was nice and clean and she didn't mind me putting a finger or two in .
On with the condom and fucked her missionary then her on top and then i flipped her over and ripped the arse right out the leggings to fuck her doggy  :D . Was a great sight and she has a great arse .
I was ready to pop so asked her where i could come and she said ' anywhere but my hair ' so i finished on her face and tits .
Nice and chatty afterwards , she's from Chzech Rep so not a Romanian  :thumbsup: .
The leggings went in the bin and i went home happy  :D.
It's definately a positive for me at £60 although the location and the outside of the building might put some off .

15 review(s) found for lena.sweet linked to in above post (8 positive, 4 neutral, 3 negative)

Offline oldboy73

Another one on my hotlist but thought i read something a bit negative about her on here (can't find it at the moment) but this review has put her back on my radar! Might try her next after Katerina!

Offline laim1690

ive met her a few times all good meets,, just let you guys know her price is negotiable, I always try the art of negotiation and it works with her  :D :thumbsup:
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