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Author Topic: Think I spotted another punter at work . . . .  (Read 3077 times)

Never tell anyone at work you punt! People always gossip about stuff like this!

Offline mr small

Don't doubt it, the IT contractor at my wife's office got done for child pornography.

Taz is unsually quiet on this thread, maybe he needs to be a little more discreet ??


Offline akauya

Anyone ever spotted a punter at work? Any tell tale signs

I spotted one when he booked an outcall prossie to his office (I work in a huge building with many companies renting office space). I was walking towards my office when I went past this guy (whom I often bump into) followed by this hot but tarty looking MILF. I wouldn't have clocked anything were it not for his guilty/sheepish looks and the way the prossie looked at me (as if she noticed that I'm a punter too - maybe prossies can smell a punter).

Offline Turtle1

Was on a train once and heard  a phone go off behind non stop to indicate text messages.  Nothing unusual about that, I caught the odd phrase like "are u free today" and "where are you based".
Turned around and saw he was using a Shitty £10 phone. Yep he was a punter. A stupid punter.

Another time I was having a drink in the local, grabbing last drinks I noticed a guy looking at his phone, I peeped the words "1 Spanish 1 Italian" as I sat down I texted the local parlour about which girls are working, got the "1 Spanish 1 Italian" reply  :lol:. I'm going to guess he might of messaged to same parlour.

Offline willbred

I got asked by the manager of Weatherspoon's how I got to AW on their WIFI when he noticed the purple site up while delivering my lunch.  Imagine he was a punter to for recognising the purple site at a glance !

Do WGs prices come up cheaper during happy hour in @Spoons??   :D
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Offline Garden69

Do WGs prices come up cheaper during happy hour in @Spoons??   :D

 :lol: :lol: :lol:

I spotted a WG at a large travelodge near Gatwick last year. It was around 9pm - they tend to turn up on the hour mostly - and I saw her knock on a door as I was walking toward her. The door was opened when I was maybe 10ft short and had just closed as I became parallel with it. I clearly heard the punter exchange pleasantries as in a first meeting. Later when I was downstairs in reception I saw her leaving. Would have asked her to come to my room had I not been sharing with a golf buddy - we were flying out for a golf trip next morning !

I wonder if it's only punters that notice these things ?

Offline hairbald

I was working in a hotel not so long ago and noticed a guy walk out the door like he was looking for someone. He then walked in with a European looking girl with a long coat and hig heels on. I thought to myself blimey she looks like your standard agency girl. I looked at my watch and thought to myself she will be walking out in exactly one hour. Lo and behold exactly one hour later she was walking back out. Must of cut his time short a tiny bit.

I laughed to myself and thought about asking him what agency he got her from and thought maybe he'd like to do a review for UKPUNTING. I didn't in the end thought i'd leave it.   :D

It is the tell tale sign of arrivals on the hour and leaving an hour later :D.  One lady I visit shares a huge apartment near the Ritz but they have to come down to let you in, so you're often stood side by side with another guy also looking at his phone and being twitchy.  Often wandered whether I should pipe up and ask who they are seeing; if it comes back with "my daughter" then I've really caused an issue :scare:

Offline anyfucker

the only people who know i punt are you lot and the WGs i see,      cripes that's a lot of people   :scare:

I laughed at the image of the guy fiddling with a cheap black phone at work - been there, done that !!

It could well have been me you saw (I'm not an IT contractor though !) :lol: :lol:

On a related topic, I was in the Post Office a couple of years ago and there was a woman on the phone saying (really quite loudly): "It's a website site call Adultwork......  ADULTwork !.... A... D... U..   OK fine.  So make a booking on there please...".  I was pissing myself.  Would have spoken to her but she was a munter :(

These replies are hilarious! Clearly it takes one to spot one.

The signs are there if you look hard enough. I pretty much only make hotel bookings now where the provider can walk up to the door.

I remember being in a hotel where by I had to come down to the lobby, it was so embarrassing as Sergei was there and said pretty indiscreetly 'Enjoy'

I also noticed some looks and I told myself I'd never do that again!

But it also does show even the old punting phone and excessive use of messaging is obvious. I need to watch for my trips to the down south office as I often turn up with 4 phones instead of 2!

PRetty sure I spotted a WG recently on a Tube in London. She just had a look about her and was desperately looking at her phone whilst waiting for someone to arrive. I could be totally wrong as I didn't hang around to see, but my punting senses told me otherwise
2 personal, 2 punting. 1 for my regs (FBSM providers) and one to experiment :-)

Offline azrael

I spotted a guy at work who was shutting down his apps ( swiping sideways or down) and i spotted the aw site plain as day. Goes to show the person sitting next to you wether its a bus/train or work  they could be a punter

Offline Malvolio

Coincidentally I was sat on a bus earlier gazing out window. Saw guy in a van on a wanky £10 phone and immediately thought "punting phone!". Made me think that if you're a chap who possesses an illicit punting phone you really ought to spend an extra £30/40 on it. A basic generic smart phone looks far less dodgy than a candy bar one with a key pad and 1" screen.

Not really - I can think of several people I work with who still use 10+ year-old phones.

Just cos you have a basic second phone for this reason does not mean everyone else does for the same purpose!

I dont use a punting phone but keep a second phone as i lasts 1wk without needing to be charged whereas iphone drains twice a day, so the nokia brick is a backup

I think we just like the idea of it being a punting phone . . .  :D

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