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Author Topic: Little Katie, Bristol, Exceptional  (Read 1424 times)

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Offline The Beano

https://www.adultwork.com/2537636 https://www.adultwork.com/x+Little+Katie+x

Booking Katie is not easy, you have to go through a process. Firstly I sent her an email to introduce myself, and I was happy to disclose my ukp and aw names. Presumably she checks your credentials before replying. I was lucky and I got a mail back to say she was happy to meet me, and sent me her number so we could agree a date via text. I'm not in the area that often,and the first date was not good for LK. Tried again a couple of weeks ago, and this time the date was free. Agreed time, date and an outline of the activities. I had thought up a rather left field role play, and apologised for being weird, I got the reply "the weirder the better"

Onto the day, and I got to the address, she buzzed me in and I made my way to her plush, modern flat, centrally located in the city. She let me in and I was not disappointed. She is super slim, nice butt, tiny tits, long blond hair, model face, and so young. The latter was underlined by her demeanour, she was simultaneously shy, excited and nervous. As requested, she was wearing a fishnet crotchless  bodysuit and collar. After a glass of wine and chat she seemed a lot less on edge. I think she is an excellent judge of character. She gave me the tour and finished up in the walk in wardrobe where she has all her bondage gear neatly presented. I selected my favourite implement, the riding crop (she has a choice of two). I got all the props sorted and we were ready to begin.
It was my birthday, and my present was a puppy, called Katie. Her brief was that fantasy puppies understand English, but can't speak it, there is no RSPCA to worry about, and she was to undergo puppy training. Now some of you will think this is all fluffy tosh, but the underlying theme is all about domination and humiliation. First up was walkies around the flat, on her leash. She kept to heel very well, and only had a few taps with the crop if she got too far ahead. We got to her doggy bowl and I let her lap up a drink (apparently fantasy pups drink rose!). Back to the bedroom and it was time for some tricks. Taught her how to beg for chocolate drops, shake hands, lie on her back with paws in the air for belly tickles. All the time I'm talking to her in that annoyingly patronising high pitch voice that dog owners seem to use, and patting her, and stroking her. She is licking my face, whining, but her barking is hopeless. Any bad behaviour like biting, scratching or talking is dealt with by the crop. Time for a game of fetch. Bounced the rubber ball down the hallway, and off she goes in persuit, brings it back, drops it at my feet and pants expectantly for me to throw it again. Time for some doggy sex ed. I explained that if a boy doggy comes calling she has to check him out for cleanliness. I demonstrated by taking my first taste of her pussy and arse, then she had to try it on me. I don't remember telling her to take cock in her mouth, but I let her off. Now it's birthday cake time. She bought the "cake" over in her mouth (two fresh cream doughnuts - well the range in tesco express is limited) we had candles, and as I sang happy birthday to me, Katie howled away in time. I blew my candles out, closed my eyes and made my birthday wish. When I opened my eyes, my wish had come true, Katie was now a real girl standing before me. She said, "Please teach me to be an obedient girlfriend" she peeled off the body suit and I saw her naked for the first time.
So onto part 2, which was a submissive pain/reward session. Her outfit was simple, my old school tie to denote her student status and the humiliation of wearing another girls knickers -Lindsey's to be precise (hell those undergarments have seen some action). First up some spanking, this was in the position I learned recently. In the kitchen, she had one foot on the floor and her other leg on the work surface for a combination of spanking and fingering. Suitably chastised it was back to the bedroom so she could have the pleasure of sucking my cock, but not before she was kneeling with her hands cuffed behind her back. Her technique was awesome, taking it balls deep, coming up for air then spitting drool all over the place. Next it was pain. This time a comprehensive cropping. On her knees with thighs apart I administered five strokes of the crop to her inner thighs, arse cheeks
and hips, with her counting each stroke. After completing the circuit I asked if she had received enough. With her hands still cuffed she rolled onto her back, signifying complete submission, then without saying a word, showed me exactly where she needed the crop next.
She deserved some pleasure after that intense session. Onto the bed, uncuffed, I gave her a lolly to suck while I gave her some oral, rimming and fingering. Eventually the lolly ended up in the pussy, then in her mouth before she had quite an intense orgasm. Before she could recover, things got very messy. The doughnuts came into play - jam and cream everywhere. There was face fucking over the edge of the bed, me sitting on her face for more rimming, then her fucking me cowgirl. During this we talked about what we had experienced, how it was going to end and a scenario for a future visit. Her energy was endless, alternating between kneeling and squatting. Thankfully she came before I did. We were in such a mess we agreed a shower was in order so we got into the double shower cubicle and she gave me a good soaping down. Then, just as I was relaxing, the naughty minx asked me to spank her again! Wet hands slapping wet arse, combined with the bathroom acoustic made from some very satisfying sounds. Then I realised she was really after some more fingering as per the kitchen session. This time it was far deeper.
As we were drying off I started to wonder how this sessions was going to end. The role play was over, the sub session intensity had peaked and the mood evaporated. I was thinking pse at best.
LK had obviously been thinking the same. "Can I tie you to the bed?" This was new to me, but I agreed and she tied me to the four poster with ankle and wrist restraints. I was now out of my comfort zone, especially when she blindfolded me as well. I suddenly had an awful thought that she was going to wire me up to the mains and put 240volts through my balls in retribution. I could hear her moving around before she said "guess what I'm going to do to you" I said electrocute me? Worrinyingly she laughed! Blow job? "You wish" was the reply. Then she did the first thing....... I'm not going to spoil her routine for any punters who might be in the same position!
So after various sensations she was back on my cock and balls and I was getting to the point of climax. I ended up begging her to release my hand so I could control myself. (Comedy moment, she started to loosen my left hand, I'm saying "no, I'm right handed!). She also freed one of my legs, so I'm wanking and she's licking my balls with her fingers up my arse.
For the final strokes it's back in her mouth for a huge cim, she comes up the bed, shows me it and lets my free hand scoop it out and rub it on her face and tits. I was totally spent and just lay there while LK poured the wine and we had a chat about punting, porn, wanking and other stuff.
I left well after time, and received a nice text on the way back to the hotel. Hope I can book her again to act out the scene we discussed while she was fucking me.
Awesome girl

34 review(s) found for x Little Katie x linked to in above post (31 positive, 0 neutral, 3 negative)

Great review - LK is worth the wait and is a girl to be treasured and taken care of.


Offline Mr Br1ghts1de

Fantastic review TB. Glad you had such a great time acting out your fantasy.

She really is something else in terms of accommodating requests and switching between sub and dom moments.

Might have to get her to act out whatever she surprised you with for my hopeful next visit  :rolleyes:

Offline PLeisure

Superb  :music:  :thumbsup:
Sounds like a blinder. You did well to remember it all  :hi:

Offline lancspunter

Excellent review, TB. I do like the originality of this roleplay and I can tell you both had a lot of fun with it. LK really is outstanding, isn't she?

As her AW is down, this may be useful - www.littlekatie.co.uk - (although that too is not available right now!)
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Offline SirFrank

Puppy training? Wtf? I've clearly led a sheltered life
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Offline ATMIV

Great review - but please please tell me- How the fuck did that scenario suddenly pop into your mind??? :D :D :D

I really must get out and about more!  :D
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Offline Belisknor

Puppy training? Wtf? I've clearly led a sheltered life

I agree with you SirFrank we must have led sheltered lives as puppy training isn't the first thing to come to mind or even the last when it comes to punting Little Katie, each to there own but how does thinking of her as a dog turn you on ?! You must have a different relationship with your dogs than most lol
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Offline Lz-129

Excellent review, the puppy thing is way over my head to be honest but 10/10 for imagination.
She certainly is extremely good indeed!

Let the imagination run wild thats what I say. Puppy training isn't my idea of fun, but I remember the last time I saw Katie she led me on my hands and knees to where a power supply was so she could use the violet wand on me!

I hope to see her again before she goes to Australia.

Offline The Beano

Great review - but please please tell me- How the fuck did that scenario suddenly pop into your mind??? :D :D :D

I really must get out and about more!  :D

I got the idea from a recent dungeon session where they had dog cage knitted out with blanket, squeaky toys, food and drink bowls etc. We didn't use these but it gave me the idea for a low intensity, fun scenario which could be used on a first meet to build up mutual trust. I combined the idea with my fascination for transformations (I have done a role play where the girl was transformed into a BEKO washing machine)

Of course the kink has nothing to do with her being a dog, it's just a metaphor for her submission.

You either get it or you will think I'm barking!


Nice review Mr B - Glad all went well - She is an EXCEPTIONAL young lady 

 :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

Offline The Beano

Cannot disagree with you Mr PW, it has been said that the best girls are in London, but Katie is proof that is not the case.

Offline PLeisure

Quite so. LK and Sexy Angelina. Both ridiculously hott, and naughty with it.  :drinks:

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