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Author Topic: Ahhh.. My mind wanders..  (Read 594 times)

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Legit? Not that i'm interested in attending but I've seen this page for a couple of weeks now. Normally, the fake ones get found out n deleted or what ever happens to them but this seems to be staying put! any opinions, or has anyone attended?  :timeout:

Even if it is, would you really want to share one pussy with 6 other cocks at the same time?  :vomit:

A more even spread with more girls, giving you a bit of variety perhaps, but that ratio is just ridiculous.

Offline graham321

I'm with you on that one, I just brought it to attention as I have seen it multiple times and wondered if it's legit  :unknown: 100 a body isn't half asking a lot too :rolleyes:
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When you see a stupid porn pic on a AW profile, 99/100 it's just a stupid porn pic on a fake profile.
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This is part of the sexyfrenchgirl/Magalie gang. Itsallaboutyou is run by her whoremaister Andy/Sandy/Bill. To be avoided at all costs
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