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Author Topic: Wonder_Annabelle. Northolt  (Read 3692 times)

9 review(s) for WonderfulAnnabelle (3 positive, 1 neutral, 5 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

My first review, be gentle with me!

Having read a couple of reviews on here for Annabelle, and reading her profile on AW, I decided to try a 30 minute booking.
This is all I ever do to be honest, I'm too old for more than just the one pop.
I've tried a few girls in this area, Mimi (who is Annabelle's flatmate), Tina (Gorgeous Lovely Babe) and the tiny girl Tina in Perivale, who has gone awol. All okayish.

So, I emailed Annabelle a few days ago, she replied after 8 days ( I'd given up by then!). To be fair, she doesn't include emailng as a method of contact. A good reply with all my questions answered.

I texted her yesterday evening about meeting today at 1100, she answered promptly and we agreed on 1200. No problem with that.
Comms on the day were very good. I drove to the location which was a smart block of flats in Northolt, plenty of parking available. Flat number given as soon as I was outside.

As a previous reviewer said, I was asked to take my shoes off on arrival. And she was wearing that awful dressing gown and slippers. I'll suggest something more apt next time! She is a very polite and friendly girl, her English is passable and she really does try hard!

She seems to be obsessed with cleanliness, all my clothes were neatly placed on a dressing table. She undressed me, by the way, which was a really sweet thing to do. She is clearly close to her stated age of 18, and her body is so taut. Her breasts are approaching perfection, small and totally perky. Her whole body doesn't have an ounce of fat, and that's how I like it. Only very light kissing, I would have loved some french. Maybe next time.

She wiped my todger with 2 wet wipes, applied lube, and wanked me before applying the condom and giving some not too good oral. She did tell me that she wasn't very good at it, but it was okay.  Fingering was okay and wow, that pussy is tight! Then I suggested sex, and started with cowgirl so I could play with those fantastic tits. She got the lube again for herself and asked if I could start slowly as she is very small and I was rather big. Well I'm not big, but she certainly is small! On to mish and after a few minutes of that I just had to shoot my load. Such a tight pussy! Back to the cleaning, over and over again, on both of us. No clockwatching, no hurrying me out afterwards.

I will most certainly return (I still need to try doggy!).

Annabelle is a very pretty young girl, and if that's what does it for you then I recommend her, even with her somewhat vanilla performance. It was really good to hear her 'ouch' as I finally got right in! As with Tina from Greenford, a lovely looking girl with a great body goes a long way to satisfying me.

Sorry, I realise that thre is no profile attached. I thought I'd done it but obviously not!
Perhaps someone better at this than I am could assist?


9 review(s) found for WonderfulAnnabelle linked to in above post (3 positive, 1 neutral, 5 negative)

Offline neocupid

Thanks for a nice review!!

Does she provide DFK? Is there on her Enjoys list ...

Offline Cunning Punt

Thanks for a nice review!!

Does she provide DFK? Is there on her Enjoys list ...

Her profile mentions FK, rather than DFK, and even then she makes clear it's at discretion.

But your question has already been answered in the review and others. The OP makes clear is only light kissing - as does another recent review while the third person to review her says there was no kissing at all.

My experience, when Annabelle was here at the end of last year was also fairly light FK.

No, I even had to ask for a kiss, it was very light on the lips.
I will be seeing Annabelle again, I'll see if I can get her to do a bit more. Not holding my breath though!

Offline punther

Hi fartknocker

How tall is she roughly?

Hi Punther

Can I say average, as I really didn't notice if she was tall or short?
I'm 5ft 9in, and she was a few inches shorter than me. Sorry I can't be more specific!

I'll take more notice next time, instead of totally enjoying the experience lol.

Offline punther

that was helpful actually lol

we can estimate she is riughly 5ft 6 or 5ft 7

This seems to be yery important for you. A girl's height is immaterial to me, although I guess that I would feel a tad uneasy if she was over 6 feet tall!

Offline punther

For me when the girl is too tall some positions become awkward, but I also have a thing for women 5ft 1 and below they're just so cute  :)

Offline LL

Don't take this the wrong way OP and I do appreciate your review but you only got a few minutes of sex, did I read that right?  I think I would have been disappointed with that.

Offline G.Raff

that was helpful actually lol

we can estimate she is riughly 5ft 6 or 5ft 7

She is smaller than that, she is tiny, I would say 5ft 2

Offline punther

She is smaller than that, she is tiny, I would say 5ft 2

in that case she will be getting a book

thanks for the info  :hi:

hi LL

When I said I had to shoot, I had already had her in cowgirl for quite a while, those boobs are so firm that I just wanted to carry on like that, feeling them at the same time. But I also wanted mish and doggy. But when I started in mish and she gave a little 'ouch' when I got right in, well I went for it!
Yes, it was quicker than usual, but pussies that tight are not often come across in the punting world.

Offline Carl1990

Hi all been punting a few years now but this is my first time on here.

I was down in London yesterday and setup a punt with Wonder_Annabelle from Northolt.
Only pick her as she was cheap £60 30mins and she was young and fit.
Her apartment is nice and clean and looks nice on the outside its opposite a health centre and parking was easy. She told me the flat number and told me not to talk to anyone on my up.

I got to her falt and she let me in I can tell you the pink dressing gown I've heard about it true lol not a good look for her.

I was showed the bedroom I did noticed a pair of men's shoes at the door and the where gone went I left so I think there are other girls working there.

Anyway after removing that dressing gown her body is amazing nice and petite small tits which are perky nice shaved pussy and ass. She is very clean she's starts by wiping you a lot her English is ok.

She start with wank and bj with a condom I couldn't finger her but she's ok with licking her with I did a lot of she taste so sweet and felt very tight her ass hole is amazing too. When it came to ducking we did many positions but she seemed like she didn't want to do it she kept looking at her phone and was very limp just laying there. She didn't kiss I wasn't aloud to be rough with her she kept telling me not do it so hard.

Anyway I wouldn't meet her again due to her being uninterested in sex. She's a real cute petite girl tho.


9 review(s) found for WonderfulAnnabelle linked to in above post (3 positive, 1 neutral, 5 negative)

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