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Author Topic: xxalice - could talk for England and France  (Read 322 times)

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https://www.adultwork.com/2124777 or https://www.adultwork.com/+xxalice

Saw Alice a couple of months ago. Her place is near South Ken tube so a nice part of town and perfectly safe. It is her working flat. The place itself is in a large serviced block. The room is quite small but fit for purpose. Shower facilities available.

When she opened the door I was a little disappointed. Not a minger by any means but a fairly plain girl with a nice figure, but poor dress sense. I would rate her 6/10. At least she was smiling and I would take a good attitude over looks any day. She looks around her stated AW age of 28. I decided to proceed.

When I had walked in she gave me a little peck on the cheek and then immediately asked for her money. This took me back somewhat. I am usually prompt paying the money and don’t need to be asked, but to have payment requested within 15 seconds of entry was a record and not a good start in my books. Paid £120 for an hour. She then proceeded to count the money. I assume she must have had some bad experience in the past to account for this. 

Took a shower and came out and we sat on the bed. Then she started to talk and talk and then talk some more. I was not sure whether this was prossie delaying tactics or just the way she is. Anyway I was getting bored so decided to get things moving. I went in to kiss her. Her kissing was light with no use of the tongue, certainly not DFK and did not last long as she turned her head away every few seconds. I also noticed that she had a rather rough chapped lower lip so it was not the most pleasurable experience in any case.

During the kissing I helped undress her and to be fair she does have a good figure so body-wise better than the face (8/10). However, her tits are somewhat flabby and saggy for a girl of her age. No real firmness so I didn’t bother giving them much attention during the punt.

Also be aware that Alice does not allow any fingering inside her which was a shame. I persevered with the kissing for a bit longer but it was clear she was not really enjoying it so I suggested trying oral.

She put on a condom and gave reasonable covered oral although not that deep. She does advertise CIM but it was not offered and I couldn’t be bothered to ask by this stage and just thought I would go with the flow. It was pleasant but I was not hard and was not really enjoying her company that much. Nonetheless I somehow managed a first pop which was quite an achievement given that I was not feeling relaxed.

She tidied me up and we then lay on the bed and I had to listen to her drone on again while I recovered. Some girls are interesting to talk to but not Alice. She has what some might think of as quite a sexy French accent which is where she was educated but she is rather wearing when you have to listen to her going on and on and on. Most of it sounded complete drivel but some of her questions were also way too intrusive and I could not be bothered to engage with her so made up a few answers. I was thinking I am paying for this and felt like telling her to ‘shut the fuck up’ but I am too much of a gentleman and did not want to ruin what was left of the punt.

I went in to kiss her again and after a bit of gentle kissing suggested we have sex. On with the condom and she gave me some more covered oral which got me harder this time. We then had sex in mish and she immediately started her fake moaning which was annoying. I came quite quickly but carried on as I was still hard. Eventually wilted and withdrew. Deed done but it was far from memorable.

Finished with a pleasant massage and then had a shower. Nice hug on leaving and an enthusiastic wave off at the door which was unexpected and out of character with the previous hour. Time spent there just over the hour.

Would I go back? Not a chance! She is a sweet girl but would be quite happy exercising her gob for an hour and that would not be on your cock. If you do go and see her you need to be quite assertive and force the pace unless you are happy listening to her ramblings.

Overall a wasted punt and a borderline negative rating. Average looks and average service make me think she does not have that much custom and certainly few regulars. She does seem to have to advertise herself as ‘available today’ most days which prob says something. She did describe herself as a WG and this being her ‘job’ and that attitude showed through in the booking. She also said she enjoyed her ‘job’ but that was less obvious.

3 review(s) found for the service provider linked to in above post (2 positive, 1 neutral, 0 negative)

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