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Author Topic: LaurenIsASlut  (Read 529 times)

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Offline Corus Boy


Neutral because Negative would be too strong.

Called early morning, no answer.  Text arrived about 30 minutes later asking me to text.

One demerit mark, but as it wasn't straight away I gave her the benefit of the doubt and that she may have been busy.

Text asking location, instant reply telliong me it was within walking distance.

Arranged to visit early afternoon.  Booking confirmed.

Arrived on time, phoned, no answer.  Text back asking me to text!

This time I was tempted to walk, but I was there so I told her I was outside.

Text returned telling me to buzz apartment xx.

Buzzed in without problems.

Door opened, pretty girl and as far as I could tell the girl from the profile pictures.

She spoke, guess what, with an EE accent.

As it was her, I was there and she was pretty, I decided to stay.

Handed over the £60 or 30 minutes.

She took the money, left the room and I could hear talking from another room, also the smell of tobacco.

Lauren returned and just said get undressed, then "get on the bed."

Kissing was off the menu.  OWO was £20 extra.

She took hold of my uninspired cock and started wanking me.  There was no intimacy, no excitement and so no reaction from me.  At my age I need some stimulation to get me moving.

After a while I asked again about OWO, to be told that she only sucked hard cocks.

Lauren had a nice set of tits but playing with them wasn't well received and she shifted to move them out of reach but that did let me play with her pussy.  That and the wanking got a head of steam going.

Once I was hard I asked her to stop or she would make me cum.  But she didn't, so I did.

Now it went well downhill.  Lauren got up, tossed me a pack of wipes and went off to the loo, leaving me to clean myself up.

I went to use the washbasin and asked for a towel, she pointed to one on the heater rail.

Having washed myself down I picked up the towel, it was wet so previously used I believe.

Having dressed I was shown the door.  I had been there 30 minutes, so time wasn't an issue.

Overall it could be a Negative, but I had my 30 minutes, I had a good hand job and it was the girl advertised.

TBH, £45 at Ban S would have been more fun, there you do get a massage, a good tease and you get cleaned up by the girl.

Other points;

When I asked where she was from, she said Spain, that's the Romanian district of Spain IMO.

She's only here for a few more days.

1 review(s) found for LaurenIsASlut linked to in above post (0 positive, 1 neutral, 0 negative)

Well done for getting it up with all those barriers - should have pulled away the moment you had a chance after you got hard

Offline Corus Boy

Well done for getting it up with all those barriers - should have pulled away the moment you had a chance after you got hard

I should have pulled away when she never picked up her phone!

If I had heard the EE accent I would probably have gone with Plan B, who may well have been in the same apartment block and I had spoken too.
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Offline Redevil86

Another ( it sounds like ) serge run Romanian rip of factory, thay are lying slave driving twats, that girl does't want to be doing what she's doing, hence the usual shit service,  serge and his mates have entrapt ( these ) this girl, promising her what ever to get her here so thay can sit on there fat arses smoking cheep fags while making young girls do no different to what these Asians are doing in there grooming rings here in Britain today, conning , lying, no doubt rapists, do you really think thay don't get there peace of meat when ever thay choose, why would't thay, perks of the job, what's the girl going to say or do ? Thay are scum ! Says she's British on profile ? Lying ass wipes ! Sorry but I loath these fuck heads, but do remember it's not the girls to blame, it's the low life twat in the back room, best stay clear of them so thay fuck off, every penny you guys give them is money out of the quality girls hand, and if thay ( the good w g s ) give it up all we will be left with is shit Romanian punts. I'll have to give it up then. Sorry for repeating my self, but I'm pissed off again.

Offline Redevil86

Oh, and sorry about the shit punt c b .

Offline SirFrank

Neutral sounds very generous to me.
Banning reason: Shitstirring against admin on behalf of banned member

Offline ledley

Reminds me of my recent romanian punt. I would have given a negative based on that review. But she does look nice

Offline Redevil86

Most of them look great, that's why thay bring them over  ( all over Europe and beyond ) thay do a nice profile promising you a great service with a young sexy thing , what would you not like, why would you not ring, who would't be gagging to get in there. then the reality,  Sergei  just want's your money and the less thay give you the quicker your out the door and the next meal ticket turns up and so it continues.

Offline mr big

that's what u get a lot of stating british on the profile and when u phone they usually don't ansewer and all the comms are by text when u get there guess what usually Romanian and that equals shit punt in my opinion

Offline Corus Boy

Neutral sounds very generous to me.

It probably is Sir.

Neutral is because ;

She was for real.
I did get the full 30 minutes.
The HJ was nice and did quench my need.
I didn't have to listen to a load of gobby chatter  :D
It was right on my doorstep, so minimum eort required.

Offline Mil 34

Your being generous there. I think it's a negative but as long as your needs were satisfied

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